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I saw one of my sketch that I made in Tasmania. I did it more that eight years ago. I remember that it was very cold at that time. I did that sketch in one morning. I saw the bright light that shone behind the mountians from the windom. It was a very simple landscape sketch.

Sometime, people ask me where is this place when they look at my painting. I smile and place my hands near my heart and say “It is here!”

“I invite you to have direct experience of my paintings.
To be silent for a moment and to allow them to speak directly to you
in a silent way.

They are created from my heart, from the deep and personal
source of my heart and I will like to share them with you.”

Prabhakara, 1992.

Beach 2007 Acrylic on canvas 62 x 62 cm

Inspired by the Bodhi tree and the heart shape of Bodhi leaf and its symboolic meaning of Enlightenment and Peace, I painted this painting. I completed it on the 2nd day of the Sinhala New Year (14 April).

Bodhi Tree 2007 Acrylic on canvas 92 x 92 cm

I like the trees in blossoms. Its yellow flowers, fresh and joyous. They celebrate themselves!

Golden Showers A. Acrylic on canvas. 92 x 92 cm.

Golden Showers B. Acrylic on canvas. 92 x 92 cm.

Abundance of Joy. Acrylic on canvas. 122 x 92cm.

Golden Showers.Acrylic on canvas. 92 x 92 cm. Private Collection.

My first digital camera was a Sony camera with floppy disk for memory. I had to bring few extra floppy disks with me if I wanted to take many photos. At that time the quality of image was not very good. Nevertheless, I have captured many unforgettable moments and the images have generated a lot of joy and happiness among friends when I shared the images with them.

The camera I am using now is also a Sony digital camera. It is my forth digital camera. The quality of the image is better because of high technology developments and of high resolutions.

I have taken some photos about my living environment. I am happy to see many trees around and I think the environment is clean and green!

I painted this painting this year. The painting was executed with a lot of spontaneous energy and strong strokes of colours, with strong feelings of changes and movement.

Title: Song of Changes
Year: 2007
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Size: 80 x 90 cm
Artist: Jimmy Quek Prabhakara

I started working on this painting since last week. I am happy with the progress of this painting. The inspiration of this painting comes from the Bodhi Tree at the Sri Lankaramaya Buddhist Temple where I go there on Sunday with my family very often. You can see more of my art at

Title: Sound of Bliss.
Medium:Acrylic on canvas.
Size: 92 x 92 cm.
Year: 2007.

I took this photo from the second floor of the building this morning. Sunday School students were doing Puja and the teachers were guiding the younger children under the Bodhi Tree.

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