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This 3D Art Seal was made with my Chinese Seal carved 30 years ago. The meaning of the words 人间温情多伟大 is “Very great it is tender heartedness in the world of mankind.” I think I liked the meaning of the words that was why I did this seal engraving when I was at that tender age thirty years ago. 😉

I have spent sometimes listing my items at my newly opened store at ebay Singapore for the last few days. It is not a easy things to do. I sold another painting few days ago. I am happy that this time the buyer is from France. 😀

Meanwhile, I have also made a few more 3D art works, I called it 3D seals. See this one on the left, the meaning of the words is “True Taste in It.”

If you are interested to buy my art works, you could visit my web site at  You could see many of my paintings and artworks listed there. Do feel free to contact me with details of the paintings that you are interested in viewing or acquiring, so I could let you know whether it is available or not for your acquisition. If you live in Singapore, you could make an appointment to see me and view my works at my home studio.

Note added on 19 March 2010:
I have stopped listing at ebay Singapore.
Please visit: instead.

This 3D seal nugget has four Chinese words on it, it’s meaning is “always not to forget (each other)”. The size of the work is about 37 x 37 x 6 mm. Medium: White clay, acrylic paints. The design comes from a seal that I made when I was a student. It is a seal of love and promise. I like the meanings of the words. Below is the side view of the 3D work


This painting was painted many years back. I like the simple and free treatment of lines and colors. Now I look at it many year later, I still love the painting. Share it with you. Enjoy! 🙂

Red House in Autumn. Acrylic and pencil on paper. 9 x 9 inches. By Jimmy Quek

I painted this painting after a visit to the Pasir Ris Park, there I saw Bougainvillea blooming, green field and blue bright sky.

Blossoms. Acrylic on paper. 14.75 x 10.75 inches. By Jimmy Quek

Auction at eBay Singapore.

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