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Here is a photo of Lunch Offering to the Sangha (monks) at the Sri Lankaramaya Buddhist Temple.

Three ways of making merit:
1. Making merit by giving.
2. Making merit by virtue.
3. Making merit by the development of meditation.

Eight ways of giving:
1. One gives spontaneously; 2. one gives out of fear; 3. One gives because of thinking, “He too has given me a gift”; 4. One gives because of thinking, “He will give me a present, too”; 5. One gives because of thinking that it is good to give; 6. One gives because of thinking, “I cook, but they (being ascetics) do not; since I cook, it would not be proper for me to refuse to give a meal to those who do not cook”; 7. One gives because of thinking, “By giving such a gift, I shall earn a good reputation”; or 8. One gives because it ennobles the mind, adorns the mind.

Eight reasons for giving:
1. One gives out of affection; 2. One gives in an angry mood; 3. One gives out of stupidity; 4. One gives out of fear; 5. One gives because of thinking: “Such gifts have been given before by my father and grandfather and it was done by them before; hence it would be unworthy of me to give up this old family tradition”; 6. One gives because of thinking, “By giving this gift, I shall be reborn in a good destination, in a heavenly world, after death”; 7. One gives because of thinking “When giving the gift, my heart will be glad, and happiness and joy will arise in me”; or 8. One gives because it ennobles and adorns the mind.

Pendant with Bodhi Tree design on one side and Bodhi Leaf on the other side with name on it.
48 x 33 x 8 mm. By Jimmy Quek Prabhakara. Collection: Helen

Rubber Plantation. Pencil and watercolour on paper. 37.5 x 27.5 cm. By Jimmy Quek Prabhakara.

Rubber trees and Santisukharama. Pencil and watercolour on paper. 37.5 x 27.5 cm. By Jimmy Quek Prabhakara.

Santisukharama. Pencil and watercolour on paper. 37.5 x 27.5 cm. By Jimmy Quek Prabhakara.

Santisukharama is a meditation centre in Kota Tinggi Johor, Malaysia. Last time Ven. Sujiva was there and he had guided many yogis who went there for meditation retreat.

2 sided pendant by Jimmy Quek Prabhakara. 38 x 28 x 4 mm.
If you are interested to collect artist pendants, you could visit artist’s pendants website and inquire directly from the artist.

I have just received the art market flyer. Siew Hooi will be showing our small paintings, artist pendants and other art items at the Fort Canning Center on 29 and 30 September. We will be at Gallery G11. This event is organised by the National Parks at Fort Canning Park.

Singapore Biennale, an international contemporary art event in Singapore, it will be again organised by the National Arts Council in 2008. It will be the second time this event to be held here. Recently, they have had Encounters session for guests and friends, so to meet and have conversation with the curatorial team. The theme this time is Wonder. Wonder is about thinking, questioning and looking at things with fresh mind… its aims is to make people aware of this sense of wonderment and their capacity for it, as contemporary art brings about moments of surprise, enchantments, shifts in perspectives, new experiences and ultimately, enrichment. I think that will be an interesting art event in Singapore again. :up:

I have been working with my pendants all day today. Here is one more new pendant I would like to show you today. Hope you enjoy it.

Bodhi Tree. Kiln fired pendant. 46 x 30 x 3mm.
By Jimmy Quek Prabhakara.

This is a two sided pendant. One side with abstract landscape design and another side with a simple colour fields with a word happy on it.

Two sided kiln fired pendant with abstract landscape and words.
42 x 26 x 6 mm. By artist Jimmy Quek Prabhakara.

Yesterday I started the kiln firing work for my pendants. I have to wait until today to open the kiln. It took a long process to complete a pendant. I have to fire my works 3 times. I find the result of pendants are beautiful. Siew Hooi and I are happy when we are working on these pendants. They are small 3D artworks, wearable pendants and collectible. :up:

Kiss. Artist Pendant. 47 x 29 x 3 mm.
By Jimmy Quek Prabhakara. Collect it.

Flowers. Artist Pendant. 42 x 31 x 3 mm.
By Jimmy Quek Prabhakara.

I would like to share with you an oil painting painted by me. Those who know me in Singapore, or those who know my works may not have seen this work. It was painted in 1986, that was before my First One-man Art exhibition. The medium for this painting was oil on canvas. At that time I went for swiming very often, that was why I painted the painting like this. The painting has been kept with me for more than 20 years. Thanks to the Opera Blog so that I could have the opportunity now to show this painting to the world. :up: Presently Singapore Art Museum has a small collection of my works. I wish that the Singapore Art Museum will develop their permanent collection by acquiring this painting one day. 🙂

Swimming. 1986. Oil on canvas. 92 x 92 cm.
By Jimmy Quek Prabhakara. Singapore.

I have just completed this painting. Inspired by the flowers of Golder Showers tree or Cassia Fistula tree and the urban scape of Tampines Central.

I am happy to see blooming of the Golden Showers trees. There are many Golden Showers trees near my place. Its flowers are light yellow hanging in groups, I think that they are very beautiful, I feel joy and delight when looking at them. There are suggestive glimpse of Tampines MRT station and Tampines Mall images in the painting as well.

Title: Blossoms at Tampines Central. Year: 2007. Medium: Acrylic on canvas.
Size:24 x 24 inches. Artist: Jimmy Quek Prabhakara.
Not framed. Sides painted. Ready for hanging.

I am happy to receive a few digital images of my paintings. Here is one of them I would also like to share it with you in addition to the painting “Blossoms” that I have posted earlier. This painting was with me not for too long after I have completed it. I have not seen this painting for almost 10 years. I would like to include it in my existing Selective Paintings 1993 to 1999 web site next time. I am happy that this painting is in a corporate collection and it was beautifully framed too. Rejoice!

Title: Rejoice. Year: 1997. Medium: Acrylic on canvas. Size: 24 x 24 inches.
Artist: Jimmy Quek Prabhakara. Collection: Corporate Collection.

I have discovered this painting! I have forgotten it. I painted this painting many years back. When I checked it with my other painting images and records I realized that it was painted in 2002. I have not seen it for a long time because of its unusual long size and it was hidden by other bigger paintings in my storeroom.

Pindapatikanga is the practice of going for alms by monks. It is one of the 13 ascetic purification-exercises. I think this practice still exist in some Buddhist countries like Thailand and Myanmar.

I have not published this painting before. I’ll update it in my Painting 2000 to 2004 website in near future. 😉

Title: Going for Alms 2002. Medium: Acrylic on canvas.
Size: 107 x 28 cm. Unframed, sides painted. Artist: Jimmy Quek Prabhakara.

In the 90’s I did not have digital camera so I did not have digital records of my paintings at that time. Below is one of my painting painted in 1997. I am happy to receive the image of this painting this morning. I felt so intimate to the painting because it was created from the deep and personal source of my heart, it was painted almost 10 years ago. I am delighted to see it after it has left me for such a long time. I am happy to have the image of this painting and to know that it is in good hand. I can’t remember exactly the title of the painting, however I would like to call it “Blossoms”. 🙂

Title: Blossoms. Year: 1997. Medium: Acrylic on canvas. Size: 48 x 22 inches.
Artist: Jimmy Quek Prabhakara. Collection: Corporate collection.

I have been looking at this painting from time to time for the last few days. This painting was painted in 2002.

I took it out and placed it on the easel since 5 Sept the day Saydaw Pandita arrived in Singapore. For the last few days I have added some colours on the images of the painting whenever I felt it was needed. That is to say I have reworked a bit on this painting. I have at last decided to declare it completed again yesterday and I varnished the painting this time.

In this painting, there is a lotus image and two gold images of monk silhouette, many walking meditation silhouetted images in purple and blue, background Pagodas images, together with verses written on the painting. All these were either painted, scribed or engraved on the surface of the painting. The verses are: “Building Dhamma Pagoda.” “We need to construct Dhamma pagoda in each of our heart inside each of us.” “Dhamma Pagoda shall be constructed without a pause, when sitting, standing, walking, eating, showering…” “Dhamma Pagodas: Sila Dhamma Pagoda, Samadhi Dhamma Pagoda, Panna Dhamma Pagoda.” “The higher your Dhamma pagoda goes, the more meaning your life is.”

In November 2001, Sayadaw U Pandita came to Singapore. He conducted a meditation retreat that was organized by VMC. In his talk at the Sri Lankaramaya Buddhist Temple one day, he mentioned that we should construct Dhamma pagoda in our heart each and every moment… Later I have an opportunity to talk to him at VMC, he was surprised and satisfied that I have read about building Dhamma Pagadas in our heart some where in “One Life’s Journey” and I have already painted a few paintings inspired by that understanding of building Dhamma pagodas in our heart…

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