Original 2 sided artist ceramic pendant

2 sided pendant by Jimmy Quek Prabhakara. 38 x 28 x 4 mm.
If you are interested to collect artist pendants, you could visit artist’s pendants website and inquire directly from the artist.

  1. brokenheartvn said:

    yes, it looks good and special (only my feeling)…just im not good at feeling art, so cant express clearly… you dont laugh at me 😛

  2. pabha said:

    Yes, by me. 😀 For sheer joy of creating it, happy of seeing and having it and for wearing it for enhancement. hehehe… 🙂

  3. brokenheartvn said:

    by you? its for what?

  4. pabha said:

    Don't worry brokenheartvn, You know this piece is a bit different, it is not like other pendant that is neat and perfect round. I felt that this pendant looks like a bit primitive and raw. I like the freely carved lines on it and the unevenness of colours and a little gold on the surface. 🙂 I enjoy it. Hope you too.

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