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I have been working on new paintings for the last two weeks. I am happy with the results, here is one of them to share it with you. The sides of the paintings are painted, but I use an existing frame to temporary frame it for display on my wall.

White Sand Beach, 2007. Acrylic on canvas. 62 x 62 cm. By Jimmy Quek Prabhakara.

Stupa and Prayer Flags, 2007. Acrylic on canvas. 35 x 25 cm. By Jimmy Quek Prabhakara.

I am happy to see this photo at Che Kiat’s blog. It was taken at the rubber plantation around Santisukharama Meditation Centre in Malaysia. Many of my paintings in the trees series paintings were departed from ideas I had and my living experiences at the rubber tree plantation. I remembered once Che Kiat and I went there during Chinese New Year. No one was there, only two of us living at the meditation centre. It was a wonderful experience.

This is my newly completed painting, which is a commissioned painting for a corporation.

Aerial View – Unforgettable Container Terminal.
Acrylic on canvas.
24 x 30 inches.
Collection: Private Collection.

If you are interested in having commission painting, please feel free to contact me, Jimmy Quek, email: or tel: 67823579 for inquiry.

I obtained a copy of this Chinese translated book “In This Very Life” at Vipassana Meditation Centre Singapore’s Kathina Ceremony day at Sri Lankaramaya Buddhist Temple on 8 November 2007. I have read the English book “In This Very Life” in the 90’s and at times when I felt like it from time to time. I treasured the English book very much.

I am happy to see the Chinese version is available now. It is really a blessing for Chinese readers who are now having the opportunity to access Sayadaw U Pandita’s teaching on the subject of Vipassan Meditation. Sayadaw U Pandita (班迪达尊者) is a Burmese meditation teacher who does not speak Chinese. The book “In This Very Life” contained Sayadaw U Pandita’s teachings given to Western students in an intensive retreat in USA in 1984. The English book was published in 1992 by Wisdom Publications in Boston and published in Asia by Buddhist Publication Society.

The English book was translated by Venerable U Aggacitta and edited by Kate Wheeler, with foreword by Joseph Goldstein and acknowledgments by Sharon Salzberg of Insight Meditation Society, Barre, Massachusetts, USA.

I discovered that Sayalay Daw Khemanandi whom I came to know her when I was learning meditation in Malaysia in the 90’s did the Chinese translation. At that time she was a lay Buddhist. She later became a Buddhist nun and I have not seen her since then for more than ten over years and I came to meet her two months ago at the airport when Sayadaw U Pandita arrived Signapore.

I think the design of the Chinese book is simple and nice too. It has also printed some pictures of Panditarama Meditation Centre in Myanmar and Sayadaw’s recent photos. This Chinese book is published by a Vipassana Meditation Centre in Batu Pahat with support and donations from devotees from Batu Pahat. It was printed in Taiwan.

I am happy to have this Chinese book and I know I shall read it again and again.

Sky lanterns also known as Kongming Lantern. Made of rice paper with a bamboo frame and has a small candle which when lighted it created heats that cause the lantern to rise into the air. In Thailand, people use Sky Lantern for celebrations and other special occassions. I love the simple form of the sky lanterns and its beautiful light effects that rise and float in the sky at night. There is Yi Peng Lantern Festival every year in Thailand.

Acrylic on canvas.
24 x 18 inches.
By Jimmy Quek Prabhakara[/ALIGN]

I have posted this painting and another smaller painting at my paintings 2005-2008 website.

Every year I print some Christmas and New Year Cards for customers and friends. This year, I have printed this design with an acrylic painting of winter scencery that I completed recently. The inside message of the card is:

Best Wishes for Peace and Joy
this Holiday Season
and a New Year of
Health, Happiness and Prosperity

Card Size: 148 x 149 mm.
Printed on 250 g/m2 Special surface treatment paper.
Complete with white envelope.

Buy It.

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