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I am happy to meet a customer this morning. He acquired one of my painting. He told me he likes this painting that I did in 2002. I am delighted to learn that he appreciates modern abstract painting as well. I have added this painting and few others paintings in my photos album to share them with you.

Green Celebration. 2002. Acrylic on canvas. 120 x 100 cm. Framed.
By Jimmy Quek Prabhakara.

These are my newly made 3D art works. I felt that they are cute and lovely. Each piece is handmade and hand painted. I enjoy doing big paintings as well as small art works like these.

3D art. Mini Prosperity Cakes. Medium: Clay with acrylic paints.
Size: approximately 1″x1″x”. By Jimmy Quek Prabhakara.

3D. Prosperity Cakes. Sizes varied.

(Avaliable at Pabha Creation. For inquiry, email:

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Note: Thank you all for your help. I have finally be able to get it right on Christmas eve. 🙂

This is the painting that I have recently completed.

Tranquility. Acrylic on canvas. 12 x 12 inches. By Jimmy Quek Prabhakara

I have uploaded 4 small paintings in my Photo Albums.

This is my painting “Beginning to Rejoice”, one of the two big paintings commissioned by Raffles City. The paintings are currently installed near the entrance to the ballroom at the Raffles City Convention Centre, Singapore.

Raffles City comprises of Raffles City Tower, Raffles City Shopping Centre, Swissotel The Stamford, Fairmont Singapore as well as Raffles City Convention Centre. Raffle City was officially opened in 1986.

It is recorded that Raffles City is also the home of one of the island republic’s largest and most important collections of modern art. In their first complete catalogue to ‘showcase’ the major works in their collection, the colour images of art works by the following artists are featured in their book “Art In The City, The Raffles City Collection”. They are: Alexander Calder, Rima Farah, Kevin Jackson, Kieron Thomas Farrow, Ithipol Thangchalok, Helyne Jennings, Ellsworth Kelly, Leung Kui-Ting, Liu Haisu, Donn Moulton, Kenneth Noland, Toko Shinoda, Sunaryo, Thavorn Ko-Udomvit, Zao Wou-Ki, Chen Kezhan, Chen Wen Hsi, Goh Beng Kwan, Lin Hsin Hsin, lu Guo Xiang, Ng Yak Whee, Jimmy Ong, Anthony Poon, Prabhakara Jimmy Quek, Tan Swie Hian, Tay Chee Toh, Teo Eng Seng, Simon Wong and Thomas Yeo.

Siew Hooi and I have created few pendants as Christmas gifts for customers and friends. Each piece is one of a kind. Buyers acquire it directly from us. We also send our works worldwide via SingPost. Here a photo of our pendants to show you.

Buy it here.

This is a close up view of the painting titled True Master. Painted in 1996. Acrylic on canvas, 62 x 62 cm. The engraving effect on the surface are verses “The wise have mastered body, word and mind. They are the true master. Let go of anger, let go of pride, when you are bound by nothing, you go beyond sorrow. Beware of the anger of the body, the mouth and the mind, master the body, your words and your thoughts.” I like these sayings of the Wise. I also like the simple and white wash effect of the painting. 🙂

My wife bought a board game Monopoly as present for my son. Last night they played the game. I was surprised to see that there were a new electronic Banker Unit and Bank Cards that replaced the traditional money in the game. Players did not need to handle paper money at all, all amount of transactions were performed by the electronic Banker Unit with the Bank Cards, no counting was needed.

The game Monopoly reminded me of a series of Game Board paintings that I began painted in 1994. In that series of paintings, I started with simple gameboard design at the beginning. Then, I painted Snake and Ladders. Later, I also included words in my paintings and started the Wisdom Series. Finally I worked out painting of gameboards with personal meanings. 🙂

Checker Board. 1994. Acrylic on canvas, 97 x 97 cm.
Chessboard: Missing Square. 1994. Acrylic on canvas, 102 x 102 cm.
Wisdom: There is no fire…. 1996. Acrylic on canvas, 122 x 122 cm.
Wisdom: We are what…. 1996. Acrylic on canvas, 122 x 122 cm.
True Master. 1996. Acrylic on canvas, 62 x 62 cm.
Game of Satipatthana. 1997. Acrylic on canvas, 100 x 120 cm.
Game Board. 1998. Acrylic on canvas, 76 x 76 cm.
Snakes and Ladders (Endless Game). 1999. Acrylic on canvas. 61 x 46 cm.

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