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I am delighted to show two pendnats that I created recently.

Blessed and Wishes Fulfilled.
Pendant by Jimmy Quek Prabhakara.
Collection: Siew Hooi.

Golden River.
Pendant by Jimmy Quek Prabhakara.
Collection: Siew Hooi.

You could see more of my pendants at

All Rights Reserved.

I am happy to see Sunday Dhamma School children are able to sing many songs well. The songs are all related to the praising of mothers. Bhante Gunaratana has also finally produced a CD of songs that sang by them as a tribute to mothers in the world.

The kids are lucky because the stage is part of their growing up. I understand that performing arts is tough but it is fulfilling. It takes countless days and hours of rehearsing and preparing for a song, or for a recording or for any event. However, the children seem at ease and effortless for learning any new song. The opportunity to sing together creates bond they have with their fellow performers, that enhances friendship and the whole process moulds them to be a better person, it teaches them to live their life and to love and respect others. It serves as a foundation of what’s ahead of them. Life could not be the same without it.


Vesak 2552 celebration at Sri Lankaramaya Buddhist Temple began from 18 to 19 May 2008. There were Buddha Puja (Kiripidu Dane), Dane for Maha Sangha and Eight Preceptor, exposition of sacred Buddha relics, meditation, Dhamma discussion and sermon, songs in praise of the Buddha, and songs in praise of mothers, light up ceremony, vegetarian lunch and refreshments for all.

I received these 2 photos from Steven Aw yesterday. The painting “Wave” in the photo was painted by me in 2001. It was acquired by Dr Khoo some time ago. She donated the painting to the Metta Hospice Care in memory of her late mother. It was installed in their office to enhance their environment. Steven told me that visitors like to take photo with my painting. I think it served as a nice background.

Here is Dr Khoo and her sister with Steven.
Dr Khoo donated 3 home use oxygen concentrators to them too.

(Photos provided by Steven Aw. All Rights Reserved.)

Our Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong came to visit a few places at Tampines Changkat on Sunday. I am happy to have an opportunity to meet him and our MP of Tampines Changkat Ms Irene Ng during their visit.

I am happy to attend a lunch dana offered by my friend Mr Aw to Sayadaw Pannathami at Metta School on Saturday. Sayadaw Pannathami gave a short talk after the lunch dana.

We visited Sayadawgyi U Pandita. He learned that my friend is working in Day Rehabitation Center for the Elders and Hospice Care, he told us always to have a quality of lovingkindness in our heart at works and in life.

Sayadawgyi U Pandita is one of the rarest kind of meditation master. He recently conducted a meditation retreat in Singapore, which organized by Vipassana Meditation Centre (Singapore), the retreat ended last Saturday. He will be leaving Singapore for America today.

Conversation, Sayadaw Pananthami and Pannajiva. Photo by Jimmy Quek. All Rights Reserved.

Walking to the house. Photo by Jimmy Quek. All Rights Reserved.

Siew Hooi and paintings. Photo by Jimmy Quek. All Rights Reserved.

Here is my new painting. I am happy to sign off this painting this morning. I took two weeks to complete the painting. The monk on the left is Ven Piyananada, you may have seen him in photo at my earlier post. I painted this painting to remember him as we used to see him in last 7 years while he was in Singapore as resident monk of Sri Lankaramaya Buddhist Temple. He has returned to Sri Lanka, however I heard that he will be coming to Singapore for Vesak day celebration this year.

Going for Kathina Celebration. 2008. Acrylic on canvas. 32 x 24 inches.
Collection: Siew Hooi. All Rights Reserved.

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