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There will be an art exhibition of 30 paintings of Indonesian artist Nyoman Masriadi at 8Q Singapore Art Museum till 9 November 2008. I have received an invitation to the official opening of the exhibition. It mentioned that the exhibited works are from 1990s to his most recent works. The works on display are on loan from various collectors and most of them are on public view for the first time. Congratulations!

3 pupils had a small celebration of their Birthday today at the Sunday Class. The monk and all the pupils chanted the Auspicious Victory Verses in Pali for them and wished them a happy and long life. Everyone had a smile on their faces.

My Dhamma Duta. 2008. Acrylic on canvas. 20 x 24 inches. By Sayadaw U Pannathami.
Sayadaw U Pannathami started paitning this work years ago. The painting shows what he brings with him when he goes abroad sharing Dhamma, including a fan and a bowl. I am happy to teach him painting. This is his second acrylic painting done with me so far. He finally signed off the painting at my home studio when he was in Singapore recently.

If you wish to learn painting from me (Jimmy Quek) in Singapore, here is the website with information and registration form:

It was raining that day. My wife, my nephew and I are approaching the traffic light. When we were crossing the road, we heard a loud meow, so we were looking for the sound to find its source.

We saw a kitten moving in its direction and dodging under the car. The cat happened to be within a few inches of the rear wheels of the second car waiting at the traffic signal junction. This kitten is dangerous! May be fatal! If the vehicle moves forward, the kitten will die! I quickly informed the driver of the vehicle not to move the vehicle and told him that the kitten was under the vehicle and I wanted to remove it. I warmed him up and didn’t move his car, otherwise, my hands and kitten would be in trouble.

It was a kitten, maybe only about three weeks old. I carried the kitten across the road and placed it under a bush near the sidewalk. The kitten is still meowing, it follows the footsteps of pedestrians. A child was scared, and when he saw the kitten, he ran away with an umbrella. A young lady was sick, and she walked away quickly to avoid the kitten. The kitten then followed an old woman with a basket she had returned from the morning market. To my surprise, she pushed the kitten away with her umbrella. She was most upset that the kitten followed her.

At the time, my nephew was with me. During the school holiday, he came from Malaysia and spent two weeks with us in Singapore. He is about 14 years old. He said to me, “Uncle Jimmy, how can we take it home and take care of it for a while until it gets old, and then let it go.” I am very grateful for my nephew’s suggestion, ashamed of not having that idea at first. I went to pick up the kitten again and brought it home this time. The old woman looked at me and she was still dissatisfied with the kitten.

The kitten was wet and shivered on my hand. I’m sure it feels cold, hungry and upset. I looked at it carefully from head to tail. I found an interesting black dot design on his hairy face and body. I found that the black dots were not visually well-balanced. But I fully accepted it because I felt that he needed care and protection at the beginning of his life.

At home, I washed and dried the kitten and then placed it on a new towel. My nephew and wife found a box as its temporary shelter. Kittens don’t like this box very much, but they like to hide behind my paintings, which lean against the wall. It prefers the small space between the canvas and the wall. My wife cooked some milk for the kitten. It meowed while drinking milk. It does not allow anyone to approach the small bowl of milk. Later, we fed it fish, and it also made a sound when eating. Very disgusted and alert when eating.

The next morning, I bought a kitten to see the vet. This is my first visit to an animal clinic. She examined the cat’s eyes, ears, mouth, legs, paws and body. She told me that she found no abnormalities in the cat. She assured me that the kitten was fine. She shared with me the knowledge of caring for the kitten, including naming it so that we could understand it when we called him. She told me how to get in touch with cats, which was very friendly to us. She showed me how to train kittens to meet their washing needs. She gave me a bottle of milk for kittens and some nutritional pills. She asked me to bring it back for injections for about a month.

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