Monthly Archives: August 2008

There will be an art exhibition of 30 paintings of Indonesian artist Nyoman Masriadi at 8Q Singapore Art Museum till 9 November 2008. I have received an invitation to the official opening of the exhibition. It mentioned that the exhibited works are from 1990s to his most recent works. The works on display are on loan from various collectors and most of them are on public view for the first time. Congratulations!

3 pupils had a small celebration of their Birthday today at the Sunday Class. The monk and all the pupils chanted the Auspicious Victory Verses in Pali for them and wished them a happy and long life. Everyone had a smile on their faces.

My Dhamma Duta. 2008. Acrylic on canvas. 20 x 24 inches. By Sayadaw U Pannathami.
Sayadaw U Pannathami started paitning this work years ago. The painting shows what he brings with him when he goes abroad sharing Dhamma, including a fan and a bowl. I am happy to teach him painting. This is his second acrylic painting done with me so far. He finally signed off the painting at my home studio when he was in Singapore recently.

If you wish to learn painting from me (Jimmy Quek) in Singapore, here is the website with information and registration form:

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