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[/IMG]I painted this painting this morning. Acrylic paint on loose canvas, approximately 11 x 10 cm. I started with a visual reference and then with imagination. I hope to make it simple and nice. Hope you enjoy it.

Painting Celebration with Change on the left wall and Waterfall on the right. Both are 120 x 100 cm and acrylic on canvas.

Paintings by Prabhakara Jimmy Quek. Acrylic on canvas.

I took out this painting from my painting store and I have displayed it on my wall. I like the use of colours and powerful marks on the painting. I like the composition too.

Celebration with Change. Acrylic on canvas. 120 x 100 cm. By Prabhakara Jimmy Quek.

This morning while I was looking for a few paintings in my store, I found a portfolio folder. I have forgotten this folder and out of curiosity I took it out to see what’s in it.

I found some Chinese paintings in the folder. These Chinese paintings were painted by me more than 30 years ago when I was a student. These paintings brought me many memories. I painted this cat painting. The cat was one of the cats that I had at that time.

I still love this simple artwork. I like the simplicity of the composition of this painting and the minimum use of ink and brush strokes.

When learning traditional Chinese painting, I began with copying paintings that my teacher had demonstrated to me. I practiced it many times so to learn how to control the strokes and inks.

This birds painting was an example that was just an exercise of copying practise. Whenever I think of Chinese painting, I feel thankful to my teacher Mr Tan Seng Yong who was so kind to teach me painting.

Below is a painting that I painted in year 1973. I used Chinese ink on rice paper to experiment with an abstract composition.

I painted this small painting some time ago. I hope you enjoy this simple painting which was executed with free strokes and colours composition.

Mountain with snow.
Acrylic on paper.
3.5 x 2.5 inches.
By Prabhakara Jimmy Quek.

I am delighted to show you one exciting painting that I have recently completed. I displayed it on my wall. I am happy that the painting has been reserved by an art lover. It will go to the art lover’s home soon.

Sound of change. 2009. Acrylic on canvas. 62 x 62 cm. By Jimmy Quek Prabhakara. Private collection.

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