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I like this painting that it has a simple composition and naive effects that make this simple painting adorable. I feel like wanting to go down from the road and to go experiencing the water and walking along the beach toward the far end. I feel I will enjoy the journey, the smell of sea, fine sands, green grass fields, sea breeze, gentle sun light, beautiful sky and the unreachable far horizon.
I feel safe, happy and peaceful.

A Peaceful Beach 2009. Acryli on canvas. 12 x 16 inches. By Vivien Lee. All Rights Reserved.

I am delighted that I have created a website for my tulips paintings for sale online. People told me that my tulips paintings are distinctive and that they have a unique style of my own. Some of them are now for sale online at:

Tulips paintings by Prabhakara Jimmy Quek. All Rights Reserved.

I have started working a few small paintings and here is one that I have completed. I like it very much.

Waterfall in Autumn. 2009. Acrylic on canvas. 9 x 7 inches.
By Prabhakara Jimmy Quek. All Rights Reserved.

I have finally completed this painting. Inspired by Bodhi tree at Bodhigaya. I am happy with the results of my effort.

Bodhi Tree and Stupa. 2009. Acrylic on canvas. 102 x 76 cm. By Prabhakara Jimmy Quek.
All Rights Reserved.

Che Kiat had learned drawings in the 90’s at the Federation of Art Societies when it was located at Churched Street. He studied oil painting at the NAFA some years ago. I am delighted that he now know how to work with acrylic medium.

Old Wall. 2009. Acrylic on canvas. By CheKiat. All Rights Reserved.

This drawing was done by a participant at her drawing lesson. She had never had any drawing lesson before. At the end of the session she exclaimed: “I am happy that I can draw this!”
Still Life. 2009. Pencil on paper. By Maria. All Rights Reserved.

I have painted a few paintings of egg. Here is one of them to share with you.

Egg. 2009. Acrylic on canvas. 6 x 6 inches. By Jimmy Quek Prabhakara.
All rights reserved.

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