Oil painting or acrylic painting

People like to know whether a painting is an oil painting or an acrylic painting. Some people prefer oil painting and some prefer acrylic painting. From my personal point of view, I am more concern about whether the painter has used the medium effectively or not, be it in oil or in acrylic or other medium, and to what degree the artist has responded creatively to the subject.

Here this painting that I completed yesterday. Share it with you.

Landscape. 2010. Acrylic on canvas. 24 x 24 x 1.5 inches. By Prabhakara Jimmy Quek

  1. studio41 said:

    very dramatic use of the colours- or is it that the presentation of the subject (or subject, itself) is this way. beautifully presented and achieved. evokes much feeling.

  2. pabha said:

    :up: 🙂

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