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Some basic materials needed for acrylic painting: Canvas, canvas panel, drawing block, pencil, brushes like flat brushes, round brushes, synthetic fibers brushes, painting knives, palette knives, medium, paints, easel, water container, colour wheel. Easel.

Depending on what you wish to paint and size of painting that you are going to paint, you need to consider about the quantity of paints, size of canvas, size of brushes and palette knives and medium needed.

I do not mention painting palette because you could use plastic plate or any plate to serve as palette. Acrylic paint on plate can be easily washed and cleaned.

It is quite easy to acquire art materials in Singapore, there are some art shops located near Raffles city and Ngee Ann City.

Basic Acrylic Painting Lessons conducted by Prabhakara Jimmy Quek, either One to One Sessions or Group Sessions at the artist’s home studio in Singapore are available. More information and registration form at

I started this painting sometimes ago but I felt that I was not able to resolve the lower portion of painting, so I put it one side. I took it out to solve the visual problems that I had earlier and I had resolved it this morning. I am pleased to share it with the world. You are welcome to tell me how you feel about this painting, I hope to hear from you.

Abstract Landscape. 2010.
Acrylic on canvas.
92 x 92 cm.
By Prabhakara Jimmy Quek.

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