Aerial Landscape painting

I started aerial view paintings series since my first participation in “The discovery Art Exhibition” sponsored by Shell Companies in Singapore in 1987. My inspirations of these aerial view paintings come from pictures of aerial perspective and aerial landscape photos and from travel. My painting design is of expressionistic and abstract approaches. I explained and demonstrated how I do this aerial view painting to a student yesterday, I continued to complete the unfinished painting this morning.

Aerial View Painting by Prabhakara Jimmy Quek. Lessons available at:

I have posted few aerial view paintings here before.

  1. arduinna said:

    It's the first time I can see a painting of an "aerial view", the effect is for sure what one can see from a plane … or being a bird when we have those moments.Originally posted by Jimmy Quek:

    My painting design is of expressionistic and abstract approaches

    No specific details, just a mosaic with no border ? The fields are all different, but there is a river or a road to assemble them, and it makes the colors flow a long way.

  2. pabha said:

    Thanks Arduninna. I shall be joyful to post a few more aerial view paintings next time. Thank you once again for your kind words.

  3. arduinna said:

    I must say I'm surprised by the different paintings you can make, you like to explore the different possibilities of paintings or different colors, it's always new. To sum up : it's very pleasant. I just like to see what I'd like to do but that I cannot do because I'm dealing with technical things and no colors .

  4. pabha said:

    🙂 :up:

  5. Cynthia23 said:

    Earth is a beautiful tapestry! This is felt in this gentle view. One easily feels contentment from this delightful painting.Wonderful work! Really like your "aerial view paintings!"

  6. SittingFox said:

    Beautiful! 🙂

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