Dhammanusari Day Retreat

My family and I were at the Dhammanusari Day Retreat at Sri Lankaramaya Buddhist Temple on 9 August 2011. I have the opportunity to take photos and make two videos for the Dhammanusari group. Happy making offerings, keeping precepts, listening to the teaching and practising meditation on that day. I have taken a nice group photo of participants with Venerable K. Rathanasara.

Two years ago, I painted the below painting. The inspiration for the painting came from the Dhammanusari Day Retreat. Nice to see that they have used the painting for their chanting Book cover design.

Dhammanusari Day Retreat Chanting Book.
Painting: Under the Bodhi Tree. Acrylic on canvas. By Prabhakara Jimmy Quek.

  1. Cynthia23 said:

    What a pleasant day. 🙂 Your painting is a fitting cover for such a peaceful event's program. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your time there … here. 🙂

  2. anonymous said:

    Anonymous writes:can u upload the photo for the Dhammanusari Day Retreat 2011 ? Thanks

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