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It could be quite a task to sketch an open box and a pear for those who does not know how to “see” and “record” in making sketches. Not only that, if one also has to take care of the proportion, perspective and its relation to any other object besides it, that could make the job even more challenging. It would be more challenging if one has to add tones to it or to show light and shadow of the objects. Even more challenging it would be if one has to make a painting in respond to what one sees and to use art elements and to include one’s emotions and feeling and personal experience for that.

Sometime, when working on a task like that one may look fine outwardly but deep inside one’s cool surface there is some burning emotions, sense of difficulties and curiosity. Usually timely encouragement and support is needed. With this thoughts in mind I made this memorial artwork in which the sense of uncertain happening and uneasy experience are presented by exaggerating the obscure definition of the lines, colours, simply written words and the unpolished finish on the surface.

Thinking of You. 2011. Acrylic on canvas panel. By Prabhakara Jimmy Quek.

I feel joy and peace when making art. I love what I do. Share with you a simple work.
Love, Joy and Peace. 2011. Pencil and watercolour on paper. By Prabhakara Jimmy Quek.

Acrylic paints is suitable for canvas, it could be painted on paper or board as well. Here is a small painting that I painted on paper. Hope you enjoy this work…please feel free to tell me how do you feel about this simple painting.

Talking to some relatives about Palua Lingga and Riau Island recently. I painted this painting. Lingga derives its name from the profile of Mount Daik; This mountain has three sharp teeth as peak, one of them seems to have broken off at its base.

Riau Island Volcanic Mountain, Mount Daik. Acrylic on canvas panel. By Prabhakara Jimmy Quek.

Hello to everyone. I was busy recently and have not posted anything at my blog for a while. I am here again… during this mid-autumn, may I wish all well and happy…

Photo taken by Siew Hooi.

Vipassana Meditation Centre Singapore organize 8 Day Vipassana meditation retreat from 3 – 11 September 2011, this retreat is conducted by Sayadaw U Pannananda. The venue for this retreat is at Palelai Buddhist Temple. Language: Burmese and English.

Dhamma Talk at night. (Above photos from Sayadaw Pannananda’s face book album)

Sayadaw U Pannananda has been the religious advisor cum resident monk of Vipassana Meditation Centre (Singapore) since 1999. Sayadaw conducts meditation retreat, mindfulness meditation, Sunday Dhamma Class, dhamma talk and meditation course for beginners regularly at Vipassana Meditation Centre (Singapore). (

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