Acrylic painting

Acrylic paints is suitable for canvas, it could be painted on paper or board as well. Here is a small painting that I painted on paper. Hope you enjoy this work…please feel free to tell me how do you feel about this simple painting.

  1. PainterWoman said:

    The colors in this painting are beautiful. I especially like the violet and darker blues in the mountains.

  2. studio41 said:

    It makes me to wonder what sort of weather here with the dark mountains and the rigor to the waves. Cool and about to storm, or warm and windy…

  3. pabha said:

    Thanks. It is cool, about to storm and windy… 🙂

  4. studio41 said:


  5. SittingFox said:

    It is a wild place. As it is supposed to be 🙂

  6. pabha said:

    Thank you all. 🙂

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