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Art making is about creativity. Art makes life more interesting and meaningful. Art making involves imagination and artistic expression. I share with people my artistic experience. Any people has an interest in drawing and painting could register to join my painting lessons or drawing classes. I have small group painting classes and private one on one painting lessons available to meet different needs. You could see my students/participants works at and the links provided there.

They learn how to “see” and “record” things they see. Later they learn to paint what they see and what they think and finally they enjoy the freedom of art making. More information about my art classes, painting lessons, drawing lessons at website:

There are art exhibitions at Singapore Art Museum and other venues in Singapore everyday. This week, I have received invitation to official opening of Hyung Koo Kang: The Burning Gaze at the Singapore Art Museum Glass Hall on 13 Oct and opening of art exhibition by Amanda Heng: Speak to Me, Walk with Me at Singapore Art Museum at 8Q, Plaza. These two exhibitions run through 25 December 2011 and 1 January 2012 respectively. However, not every exhibition has long period of exhibition. There is another opening invitation that I have received is The Teo Yeonh Shu Hua Xuan Art Exhibition 2011, the art exhibition period is just for 3 days from 14 Oct to 16 Oct at the Ngee Ann Exhibition Hall located at 97 Tank Road, Teochew Building, Singapore 238066.

Share with you few paintings that are painted by participants of my painting classes.

Mountains and Lake. Acrylic on canvas. By Sandra Hui.

Field of Yellow. Acrylic on canvas. By Koh Han Ling.

Fantasy in the Woods. Acrylic on canvas. By Patrina Wong.

I found this study in a drawer this morning while looking for some other things. This is one of the study works I did in the 80’s. At that time, I had an opportunity to stay at Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Temple Monastery for a few days attending a retreat. It was a very beautiful and peaceful experience to stay there.

I had painted an oil painting during that time. Below is the painting. It was sold to some one during my first one-man art exhibition in 1987. I had not seen the painting since then. I hope the painting still survive.

Below another study of the painting. I have yet to figure our where I kept it.

Drawing is the foundation of all art.

However, sometime people still ask me: Do I need to learn how to sketch and draw before I learn to do painting? My answer is yes and no. It depends on what you wish to paint and how you wish to paint it. Hope my following paintings could explain my answer.

Those who wish to learn painting from me in Singapore join my small group painting sessions or one-on-one painting sessions. They are from different nationalities and from all walks of life. Currently, I have Wednesday afternoon session, Friday morning session, Saturday afternoon session and Sunday afternoon sessions for small group, and Tuesday and Thursday afternoon session for one-on-one session. I am happy to meet the participants and share my artistic experience and skills with them and see them progress.

Yesterday, I started this simple painting during the painting session. I did a finish touch on this painting this morning. Here is the painting. Simple Kiwifruit.

For more information on drawing or painting lessons and registration form, please visit website: For viewing participants works, please visit website: and links there.

Found out this work but I can’t remember exactly which year I painted this painting. A silhouetted figure of me watching the formation of clouds in the sky that represent mind. Do feel free to tell me how do you feel about this painting. What comes to your mind and how about suggesting a title for this painting as well. Meanwhile, I simply titled it “Formation” temporary.

Formation. Acrylic on canvas. By Prabhakara Jimmy Quek.

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