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This painting is painted by Patrina Wong. She titled this painting “Swan Lake”. Patrina started this painting at last week’s painting session with reference to one of my painting and she departed from there, she completed the painting at this week’s session. I love this designed landscape painting and the memories that brings. I enjoy looking at the painting because I feel that the painting is full of life and movement and I love the colours, space, weather and mood. I am happy to see that the visual elements and suggestion of trees, far away mountains, water reflections and the interesting hints of swans enjoying on the surface of the water, all that have been translated into artistic visual plane that gives a feeling of freedom bliss, joy and happiness.

Swan Lake. 2011. Acrylic on canvas. By Patrina Wong.

You could now view Philippine artist Rodel Tapaya’s narrative mural sized painting with allegorical references that won the grand prize in the Asia-Pacific Breweries Foundation Signature Art Prize, together with 14 other finalists works, at the Singapore Art Museum until 4 March 2012. The artists are from Philippine, Japan, Australia, India, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia, South Korea, Pakistan, Cambodia, New Zealand and China.

I have started this painting many years ago and now I realized that my memory failed me to remember which year exactly it was, likely it was before 2000. I found this uncompleted painting recently and I decided to work on it rather than to leave it there untouched. I re-touched on almost every part of the surface except keeping the position of the small house. Finally this painting is done.

Small House Near the Plantation. 2011. Acrylic on loose canvas. By Prabhakara Jimmy Quek.

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