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3D Works by Prabhakarra Jimmy Quek.

Blue Sky Huat Kueh 发糕. Clay and acrylic. By Prabhakara Jimmy Quek.

Strawberry Huat Kueh 发糕. Clay and acrylic. By Prabhakara Jimmy Quek.

3 Prosperity Cakes (3 Huat Kueh). Clay and acrylic. By Prabhakara Jimmy Quek.

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Few photos to share with you. My 3D creation of Prosperity cake, Huat Kueh.

I have decided to create a Prosperity Cake Page for my 3D prosperity cake (Fa Gao). This will be a collection of my 3D works of Fa Gao. You may like to know what is Prosperity Cake (Fa Gao or Huat Kueh): Fa Gao (Prosperity Cake) – This is a type of home made steamed cupcake that look like a flower. This cake is loved by many Chinese. They like to make and eat Fa Gao on Chinese New Year. They called this cake Fa Gao in Chinese, that it’s literal translation is “Prosperity Cake”. Fa Gao could be a celebratory food item that represents wealth and prosperity in Chinese culture. Chinese in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and China know more or less what Fa Gao is. It is also called Huat Kueh for the Hokkiens.

Huat Kueh Party. Photography by Jimmy Quek.

Huat Kueh Party 2. Photography by Jimmy Quek.

Huat Kueh Leader. Photograph by Jimmy Quek.

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Share with you a watercolor painting that I have completed recently.

You may know that a sound background in direct observation and representational painting is always useful to achieve a reasonable standard of skill in one’s chosen medium.

Many objects around us would be the best subjects for beginners for drawing or for painting. Once you have learn how to see and how to record the objects on the surface, you can then experiment with different techniques and medium, and you can even go further to explore the world of imagination and work with intuition. for drawing and painting lessons in Singapore.

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