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It is interesting to note that there are many people who do not know what is the difference between oil painting and acrylic painting. Many think that when they see a painting that which is painted on a canvas it must be an oil painting. When they see a painting that which is painted on paper, then they think that it must be a watercolour painting. They are not able to differentiate a painting painted on canvas is either an oil painting or an acrylic painting. Some think that when they see a painting of realism style it is an oil painting. Some think that a painting with thick paints on it then it must be an oil painting.

Some one told me that he wanted to learn “oil painting” but actually he meant to learn painting that was painted on canvas. He did not know that it could be a acrylic painting that was painted on canvas, so he said he wanted to learn to paint oil painting, because he thought that painting on canvas was called oil painting. Many who want to learn acrylic painting, but they think it is called oil painting. When they come to know that acrylic medium is very versatile and that it can achieve oil painting effects and watercolour effects and that acrylic painting dry faster, they begin to love acrylic medium. However they are still some who continue using oil medium as they told me that they have already bought many oil paints etc.

I like to show¬†you 10 paintings of different medium created by participants of my painting sessions. Can you guess what is the medium used for these 10 paintings? I hope you can guess them correctly. The painting medium and artist’s name are posted at the Comment area for your reference. Hope you have guessed them rightly!

Gillman Barracks is jointly developed by the Singapore Economic Development Board, JTC Corporation and the National Arts Council, featuring international artist residency, research and exhibition programmes. Opened to public on today 15 September 2012. Located near Alexandra Road. Housed 13 galleries from 10 countries, three restaurants and non-profit arts organisations Yellow River Arts Centre and Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore. How to go there, please visit their website:

Participants learn and practise art elements and use the principles of design in their art making. They enjoy the freedom of expression. They make representational paintings or non representational paintings as they wish.
Painting by Valerie Neo. Painting by Valerie Neo. Painting by Hannah Lim. Painting by Chen Yun. Painting by Bianca Kremer. Painting by Bianca Kremer painting by Suan Ong.

If you wish to learn how to draw and how to paint, painting lessons are available. More information and registration form at

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