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When we are able to draw anything we see or we think, we can add some colors on what we drawn. We can add watercolor or acrylic paint for that. If you like to learn how to draw or how to paint, you can participate in my painting or drawing sessions, more information at You can see some of the participants’ works at and the links there. I have recently painted these watercolor paintings to show the participants. Hope you also enjoy these works.

Vast Land 2. 2013. Watercolor on paper. 22 x 15 cm.

Vast Land. 2013 Watercolor on paper. 22 x 15 cm.

Vast Land and SKy. 2013. Watercolor on paper 29.5 x 23.5 cm

Drawing by Alicia Png (age 12). I am happy to help some children, whom their parents send them to me for direct observation drawing and painting lessons. They understand the importance of direct observation method and basic skills in representational art for children. In the children art classes, they learn and build confidence in their basic drawing and painting skill. With these basic skills, they can do paintings of imagination and creative expression better in the later stage. If you are interested to send your kids to me for learning art, or you like to learn drawing and painting either from direct observation or imagination yourself, please visit and you can register online there ( ) too, currently morning sessions 10 am-12nn have slots available that you can join immediately from 9 November 10am. Do visit participants' work gallery at and the links provided there.

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