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Drawing and painting lessons for adults in Singapore.

Painting and sketching/drawing lessons with Singapore artist Prabhakara Jimmy Quek. Painting courses are available for beginner and for those who wish to improve his/her painting skill and techniques. Location is at Tampines at the artist’s studio. Small group or one-on-one sessions are available. Each person would progress at his own level. Anyone who is interested to learn acrylic painting (at all level) or drawing could join anytime as long as there is a vacancy in any of the sessions.

Course No. 1: Basic Acrylic /oil Painting.
Course No. 2: Acrylic Painting for Improver.
Course No. 3: Painting with the artist and
Course 4: Basic Sketch / Drawing Lessons.

Please visit Art Class /painting lessons website at for up to date information and online registration at

You could view participants’ work at and links there. Also, you could view Featured Participants Gallery at

Share with you a painting by Prabhakara Jimmy Quek.


This is a Chinese painting exercise that I did almost 40 years ago. I copied my teacher’s demonstrated painting. In the early stage of Chinese painting learning, one needs to do a lot of practise by learning how other paints.


This work, I painted my cat using Chinese ink and few brush strokes. I like this painting.


Here, I experiment with Chinese ink and painting brush strokes with abstract composition. The image inspiration that come from my classmate’s dog.


This one Raining Day. I painted it with Chinese inks on rice paper.


I did this painting “Pussy Cat on the branch”, medium is Chinese Ink painting on rice paper. At that time I have a cat at home. I sketched it and then painted it on rice paper. I am happy to find out this painting.


A good way to improve your painting skill rapidly is to paint small works every day and you can also show your small works to people and sell them at an affordable price directly or online.

You paint small painting as studying and for practicing composition, color, color mixing, value, light and shadow and other element in your small painting.


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