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Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre is a wonderful place for art fair or events. I saw a Singapore Art 97 cataloge, in that it recorded that National Arts Council and National Heritage Board organized Singapore Art 97 at Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre, a biennial national art exhibition that showcases the works of our talented Singapore artists, we could see the rich variety of more than 550 works of art by more than 330 Singapore artists. That was not chiefly concerned with commerce or populist sentiments. I enjoy looking at the paintings images printed in it. Just feel like missing this kind of art events in Singapore again.

Come back to the present. There will be a dialogue session called Advocating the Arts : Who Cares? organized by NAC with the arts community on 26 Aug at Victoria Concert Hall. A Singapore Art Fair in November at Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre, and of course many more art activities in SIngapore.

Anyway, share with you a few of my recent paintings. Hope you like them.

Recent painting by Jimmy Quek Prabhakara

Recent painting by Prabhakara Jimmy Quek (1024x823)

recent painting, Prabhakara Jimmy Quek. Singapore artists paintings (1024x1023)

Share with you a few paintings that were created by participants of my painting sessions recently, they are Janivfer Lim, Margaret, Diana Lim, Felicia Chua, Hannah Lim and Kate Yuan. You can view our new participants works gallery 17 at for more artworwarks.

Painting By JL

m, p4 (800x598)

Learn how to painting. Painting  lesson, art class in Singapore. DIana.

Learn oil painting in Singapore. Painting lesson at Pabha. Tampines

Painting by Hannah Lim

004 - Copy (618x800)

Also, a photo to mark our anniversary. Jimmy and Siew Hooi.

003 - Copy (800x780)


These pendants are now added at My Pabha Shop for online sale.

Original pendants made by Siew Hooi and me. If you are interested to acquire any of them you can buy them online, payment by credit card or PayPal payment. We can mail them by post to you or you can self collect them if you wish.

Below 2 photos are front and back of the pendants.

Pendants AU1 t- AU6 (1024x812)


Pendant, AU1-AU6 reverse side. (1024x817)


Here is the URL of My Pabha Shop:

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