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I am delighted to share with you my sculptures of Fa Gao, also called Huat Kueh in Hokkien or Teochew dialects, Chinese words are 发糕, in English is Chinese Prosperity Cake.

People are happy to see my Fa Fao and they collect them. These are my recently made Fa Gao, you can buy them online at

New works. Fa Gao, Huat Kueh. 3D work. Pabha Creation. Fa gao, huat kueh, prosperity cake 3D sculpture.102303 Fa Gao, prosperity cake 2010034 - Copy (400x400)102304 Fa Gao, Huat Kueh, prosperity cake, Singapore artist. - Copy (400x400) 102401 Fa Gao, Prosperity cak, huat kueh, sculpture, 8.1x8.1x6.4cm Pabha Creation. 2010032 - Copy (392x400) 2010033 - Copy (400x400)  2010035 - Copy (400x400) 2010036 - Copy (400x400)Fa Gao, huat kueh, prosperity cake. sculpture of cake. online sale, 3d art 2010037 - Copy (400x400) 2010038 - Copy (400x400) 2010039 - Copy (400x400) 2010040 - Copy (400x400)

More items at

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