Still Life Drawing Lessons in Singapore

One advice for beginners in learning drawing is that they need to know one fact, that they need to practice drawing a lot and find someone who can help them to improve their drawing if possible.

The drawing foundation is built on their observational skills by drawing what they see, in my program I recommend participants using pencil as a media.

After they are able to record what they perceive in their seeing, then I encourage them to try practice drawing in different media so to further build up their skills and techniques.

Once they know how the shadow and light fall on the objects and how it will look from the perspective that they are looking from and what each small detail looks like. Then they will be able to draw on paper what they have imagined or what they see in their mind door with less structural mistakes.

Below are examples of a participant/student’s works.

TMJ, drawing 20150404 (800x583)

TMJ, drawing. Copy (800x749)

Still Life Drawing lessons in Singapore.

(3 drawings from Tan Meng Jun’s drawing practice.)

I am happy to assist people in their drawing and painting and am most satisfied to see them progressed and transformed in their artistic journey.

Full information regarding basic drawing and painting (at different levels) available at website: you can also register and book your sessions online at


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