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When we are able to express what we wish to express that is a blessing. We enjoy the freedom of expression and enjoy the act of expressing. Making art is one of the ways that we can enjoy the pure joy of expressing. The time that we spend for art making is a wonderful moment for our being. It can be fun too. We could learn more techniques and hone our skills each time we practise art making. We could sharpen our mind and faculities too. For beginners, to join art exhibition and to show their works to more people could be a delightful experience. It could be a reward for them when their paintings were sold. So if we could spend sometimes for art practising is a nice thing to do in life. We could practise accordingly to our time availability. Half hour to one hour or more everyday is fine. Besides, we still live our normal life outside the world of art. We do our job and earn our living accordingly. We take care of our family. So you still by you as before. You just adjust your times by giving half hour or more for art. So why not give it a try? Visit my Create Something Every Day-100 days art project at:  Hope that could inspire you. Share with you a few paintings here. Day 77 Holy Light II 78 Pendant 151028A (449x800) 76 Painting by Prabhakara Jimmy Quek. celebrations Above works by Jimmy Quek, Vivien Lee and Siew Hooi. If you wish to learn how to draw or how to paint in Singapore, I would be pleased to help you. Visit website at for that.

I started learning art since 1972. I have been an artist practising art full time since 1986.

Every day I touch art materials and do something with them. All these years, I have painted many paintings and made many 3D artworks.

If you visit my website you could see many works under the heading of Gallery there. I still have many works that they are not being posted there.

To make arts every day is part of my life, like eating, walking and meditation as well. It is a joy to do all that. I like to encourage you to do the same if you wish, and you can be a daily painter or daily creator like many daily painters in other parts of the world. They post their works on internet to show to the world.

Months ago, I decided to post one artwork everyday to share with people, so I started my 100 days art project, create something every day, started from 12 August and that will end on 19 November 2015. Sharing the idea of create something every day to people I know and to people who come to find me in the internet either by Google or other search engines.

I shared my idea on my facebook and one of my friend Vivien joined me, so me, my wife Siew Hooi and Vivien are in this project. This is the first time we share our work by posting a work every day for 100 days.

The website for this project is at

If you find this a good idea to do, feel free to let me know by giving your comments here, or you can message me at my facebook, your encouragements and comments are welcome.

Please help to share this create something every day website to your friends, I hope they will enjoy our arts.

Share with you one of the painting that I have recently completed. This painting records changes I made and some of things that I have obtained from the Nikaya regarding 4 kinds of nutriments for the maintenance of being and how to see and understand them.

I have had the Buy Orchids Online website updated. Now you could see some new orchid paintings for sale on the wbesite. They are beautiful painting of single orchid for collection and as gifts for orchids lovers. Have a look there You could see many orchid paintings there. Hope you will like it. Here 1 orchid painting to show you.

100 days Create Something Every Day art project has successfully completed half way already, The website for this project is and we publish our works every day. I have created some landscapes and orchid paintings, Siew Hooi her pendants and Vivien has created a few series of works too. I also created How to Paint Orchid websites ( ) regarding my teaching session on Sunday morning for orchid painting lovers and Buy Orchid Painting Online website ( ) showcasing some orchid paintings for sale online at affordable price. Share with you a few paintings from the Create Something Every Day website. Paintings by Vivien Lee, Jimmy Quek and Siew Hooi. And few orchid paintings from Jimmy Quek. Day 49. Painting by Vivien Lee 51. Painting by Prabhakara Jimmy Quek 47 painting by Prabhakara Jimmy Quek 50 Pendant 150930A 32 pendant150912A (450x800) Orchid 150929G Orchid 150928C

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