Monthly Archives: March 2016

We have just started to publish a new participants’ work gallery 21, as the gallery 20 is already full. Have a look at the new gallery at


I have assisted many participants in their artistic journey, from beginners stages to experienced stages. Currently the Participants Works Gallery 20 is fully posted with participants works. So, I have just started a new web page  "Participants Works Gallery 21" its URL is . The first work posted there was from Janivfer Lim. Janivfer started with learning basic drawing and then, painting lessons. She learned to do still life, then landscape etc and then she made her own creations. I am delighted to see her artistic progress and transformation. Share with you here are a few works by Janivfer Lim. JNF. painting Jnf, painting(798x800) This is her first drawing with me: Basic drawing lessons. JL   You could see other participants works at and other gallery from 1 to 21, that are provided there. You could visit FB page at and "Like" the page to receive every new posting updates. Art lessons for beginners. Drawing and painting lessons, painting for improvers and painting with the artist sessions are also currently available for booking at  For booking and schedules you may go directly to      

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