Monthly Archives: June 2016

Some participants of my art sessions like to do portraiture so they wish I could guide them for that. I am pleased to assist them of course when they have the interest and they are keen to achieve what they wished for. So I have helped many of them. I have just completed a web-page that showing their portraiture artworks. Here is the URL

Hope you like this page and if you are keen to learn drawing or painting, here is the website for art class for your reference and action:




I am most happy to see participants that they practise, progress and transform in their artistic journey that they have drawing and painting sessions with me.

Awhile ago, one participant suggested to me that I make a website page with the “Before” and “After” of participant’s works so to show the progress and development in his artistic practise. I agreed with that suggestion. So here it is, an example of participant Tan Meng Jun’s works. You can see his first watercolor painting (top left) to his most recent painting (bottom one).

There are rooms for improvement, nonetheless here shows that one has made much progress and transformation in the practise.

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