Monthly Archives: December 2017

I have joined Patreon to share my works at People could be a patron and access my posts, photos, and videos which I do not post elsewhere.  It is a membership type of platform where patron and creator build their relationship of sharing and supporting. From 2018 onward I shall use this Patreon page more for my posts. I believe that creator and patrons can do something together on this platform. I like to invite you to join me at 

I am delighted to launch and share “A Retrospective Exhibition – 44 Years of Art Making” at Showcasing one painting for each year from 1973 when I started learning the art. The painting that I showed for 1973 is a still life oil painting and for 1974  is a self-portrait. In the 80’s I did more explorations on different medium on my creations. I had my first one-man art exhibition in 1987 and living with art since then.

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