Daily Archives: June 11, 2018

7 artists have come together to work on an art project to create and submit 5 works in a period of one month for an online art exhibition.

The objective of this project is to encourage art making and art sharing. This project is initiated by Prabhakara Jimmy Quek, a Singapore artist who learns and practises art for more than 45 years.

The seven artists are Jimmy Quek, Siew Hooi, Vivien Lim, Michelle Yong, Suan Ong, Janivfer Lim and Tan Meng Jun. All participants have learned art and practise art at Jimmy’s Pabha Studio at Tampines Singapore before. Vivien Lee and Janivfer Lim still come to the art sessions regularly.

All participants are encouraged to create their art, with no restriction on the themes, medium, size and form of the artworks. The project started from 15 May and to be ended on 14 June. All works are for an online exhibition. The website for the online exhibition is

Share with you below 7 works from the 7 artists. Please visit the website for all the 35 works at  Please feel free to contact the individual artist if you are interested to acquire any of their works.


Above 7 works (Clockwise from top) are created by Jimmy Quek, Tan Meng Jun, Suan Ong, Siew Hooi, Janivfer Lim, Michelle Yong and Vivien Lee.

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