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I was selected for the Discovery Art Exhibition in 1987, which was sponsored by Shell Companies in Singapore. This is the first time I was introduced to the public. My painting was first time acquired by the Singapore Art Museum during the exhibition. I had my first one-man exhibition soon after that. The following year in 1988, I was awarded the First Prize IBM Art Award 1988 (Title of Work: Impression). The awarded painting was purchased by IBM to be donated to the Singapore Art Museum for permanent art collection. has been updated with links to art class, painting for sale, biography, online shopping, facebook etc


当我开始学习艺术时,那时我很年轻,我逐渐意识到,制作一幅画并不是要让它像一个人的老师的工作,或者像别人的工作一样。 这不是学习艺术的最终目的。 这只是那些没有学识的初学者或没有天赋或创造力的人的行为。


与你分享我在1974年创作的一幅画,同年获得全国艺术大赛三等奖。 那个时候我才18岁。 参考

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