I am preparing for a small painting art exhibition to be held online from November 20 to December 19, 2020. I like to show 36 small paintings for this exhibition. I hope these paintings can be ideal gifts for the year-end holidays, and the price of each painting does not exceed one hundred dollars. If you want to preview and purchase any paintings before the official exhibition starts on November 20th, please let me know.

Original painting of ACEO size

I have created some ACEO size paintings recently and I have posted some of them at they are available for your collection. You can buy it online and make payment by credit card or PayPal payment. I shall send it to your address locally or abroad with free postage.

I like to invite you to visit the Post Circuit Breaker Period Art Exhibition - "New Relationship". An Online Virtual Exhibition by me from 26 June to 6 August at

I present the works digitally and to create new experiences for all to access the digital presentation of the art exhibition during the COVID-19 Post Circuit Breaker Period.

This exhibition marks the beginning of establishing a new relationship and connection with people digitally in my artistic practice. Do feel free to give your comment/ feedback/ message/ enquiry and share this post to more people. I thank you for your visit and support.

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Due to the current COVID-19 situation, art sessions at the studio will be suspended until 30 April. But art-making continues and it never ends. Our "Ongoing art sessions go online" now! You stay at home. You paint at home and communicate with the artist (Prabhakara Jimmy Quek) online. It is our new way of running art activities. During the period of the scheduled session, participants communicate with Jimmy online via Zoom or Facebook Messenger video chat whichever is available. More information at

If you like to discover how to draw and paint and yet you do not have to leave your home for that, then this online art session is available for your consideration. With many years of art practitioner experiences, as a professional artist and an art teacher. I shall be able to share with you tips and ways of drawing and painting via using FB Messenger video chat during the art session. Wherever you are, you can learn and practise art with me now!

More information about ongoing art sessions go online at

I have helped many hundreds of people learning drawing and painting in my studio in the past decade, I am confident that I can help you when we go online. You save the time and expenses of travelling to my place, just stay at your place and yet we can practise art together!

Contact me if you have any question or book for your sessions now! Visit my website for all information at Email me or message me using FB messenger to reach me.

Prabhakara Jimmy Quek, 27 March 2020.


This happened in 2010. I told my mother that I painted a painting of a lion head knocker handle. She came to my house just to see it. She looked at the knocker knob painted on the canvas and started talking, and she also showed a funny expression to the picture. I was surprised to see those actions.


My mother told me that she had a lion head knocker handle on the door of her house in China when she was a child as if it was painted on this canvas. The knocker handle was there when she was born. She said she often plays with door knockers at home. She likes to say hello to the lion head on the knocker knob when she goes home or leaves the house.


She told me that the lion head greeted her at her door every day. Every time she passed by the door, she said "hello" and "goodbye" to the lion head. The knocker handle has the characteristics of a lion's face. It has eyes, nose, and mouth, so when she was a little girl, she talked to it, touched it and played with it. I can understand that.


She said that since she left home at the age of 12 to Hong Kong, she never saw the lion-faced knocker handle again. When my mother told me, she was holding the painting I painted.


You know, when my mother was leaving my place, she went to say the Bye-bye to the lion head on the knocker I painted, just like saying goodbye to an old friend.


Painting has the ability to recall memories and share personal experiences. That's great!

PJQ 2020/02/28

Occasionally, people ask me do I have an art exhibition, I told these people I have had some art exhibitions in the past, but nowadays I have an art exhibition of my work online 24 hours every day instead. This practice has been around for a long time. It can reach out to more people and it is more cost-effective. Any interested buyer can consult and buy paintings directly through the Internet. Pay online and ship worldwide. For those who like to view the works, they can make a private appointment to view them in the studio of my house.

Drawing and painting lessons for adults in Singapore.

Painting and sketching/drawing lessons with Singapore artist Prabhakara Jimmy Quek are available for beginner and for those who wish to improve his/her painting skill and techniques. Location is at Tampines at the artist’s studio. Small group or one-on-one sessions are available. Each person would progress at his level. Anyone interested to learn acrylic painting (at all level) or drawing could join anytime as long as there is a vacancy in any of the sessions.

Course No. 1: Acrylic Painting for Beginner
Course No. 2: Acrylic Painting for Improver
Course No. 3: Painting with the artist and
Course 4: Basic Sketch / Drawing Lessons.

Visit for details and booking.

Do you wish to make "Collage" with me on 9 February from 3.30 pm to 5.30 pm? This is a one-session workshop. Contact me or Siew Hooi to reserve your seat by 5 February 3 pm. Fees: $90. Materials provided. During the art workshop, Jimmy will show you how to incorporate a variety of materials, such as paper, cloth, objects found on a surface and incorporate them into a painting or composition. The next workshop will be on 23 February from 3.30 pm to 5.30 pm and to reserve your seat by 20 February 3 pm.