I like to show you today by the following photos, that how one has progressed and transformed in one's artistic journey with me. The first photo is a few of drawings done by Chen Eng Chew before learning from me. The others are drawings made by her after start learning from me. I trust you could see the difference. You too could achieve that. You could see more of my students' works.  and if you wish to learn drawing and painting from me, you could obtain more information about the lessons, schedule, fee and location etc by visiting the website http://pabha.com/ArtClass  You could register online and book your lessons online as well. Before Learning (Chen Eng Chew) After Learning (Chen Eng Chew) TEC, Teddy Bear, drawing practise. (955x1024)TEC, drawing. Pencil on paper (800x600)TEC 20160824_175400 (800x600)TEC, drawing practise. (1024x734)TEC, drawing, quick drarwing. (1024x786)TEC Drawing (800x666)  

I have made 3D Works Huat Kueh (发糕 Fa Gaoor huat kueh means prosperity cake) for many years already.  Some of these 3D works are available for sale at Pabha Online Shop @ http://pabha.com/OnlineShop  You could contact for buying or enquiry.


Share with you two paintings of wave. I have titled them Changing Phenomenun and Changing Phenomenun II. Watercolor on paper.

Learn how to paint this painting at artist studio in Tampines. Visit websit http://pabha.com/PaintForFun for information and purchase a slot. Sunday morning 10am to 12nn and Wednesday 3pm-5pm. For beginner and some experience. Limited slots available. First comes first served.

We have made some art cards for our customers and friends. Share them with you. If you are interested to purchase any of them, please email us. We have a few series of paintings for the art cards.

3D works. Prosperity Cake. The inspiration come from Fa Gao that people like to consume it during Chinese New Year. It is call Fa Gao in Mandarin, that means prosperity cake. Chinese word is either 发糕 or 發粿.  Local people call it Huat Kueh. This time I have made 38 small Huat Kueh and 6 bigger huat kueh.  If you want to collect these 3D works, you could buy them from me. SGD48 for the small one and SGD486 for the big one. now available for purchase online at http://pabha.com/OnlineShop/GoldenHK.htm (Small ones) and http://pabha.com/OnlineShop/GoldenHK6.htm (big ones).

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