I have updated the website for paintings that I created in 2018 at www.pabha.com/Painting2018

Most of the paintings are acrylic on canvas, acrylic on paper and watercolour on paper. The paintings are classified into four categories. They are: Nature, Abstract, Flowers and Others.

Share with you a few of the works below:

You are welcome to contact me at www.pabha.com/Page2.htm for any enquiry and collection of the artworks.

I have also conducted art lessons for beginners and some experienced if they are interested to learn drawing and painting from me. For that you could obtain more information by visiting the website www.pabha.com/ArtClass for lessons and booking.

I am happy to share you my art and assist you in your artistic journey!

Art sessions for drawing and painting lessons for 2019 are opened for booking now. Slots available for Wednesday 3pm-5pm, Friday and Saturday 10am-12pm, Sunday 4pm-6pm. If you are interested to do drawing and painting, either you are a beginner or has some experience and you wish to improve your practice, you are welcomed to join our sessions. For more information, please refer to our art class website www.pabha.com/ArtClass If you have any question, please feel free to check with Jimmy Quek, the artist. Share with you a few works painted by his students (participants) to his art session.

vn, sweets.
egg by neo. learning painting in singapore.
suan, cat

The above paintings are created by Sunnica Chan, V Neo and Suan Ong.

Drawing and painting lessons for 9-70 available for booking now. If you wish to learn how to draw and paint from the Singapore Artist Prabhakara Jimmy Quek, you are welcomed to register and book your art sessions now with the Artist (email: pabha@singnet.com.sg ) or booking your lessons online at www.pabha.com/ArtClass/Page6.htm Slots are available for January 2019 onward. Saturday 10am-12nn, Sunday 4pm-6pm, Wednesday 3pm-5pm. Painting lessons include Acrylic Painting for Beginners, Painting for Improver and Painting with Artist. We have Basic Sketching/Drawing lessons for those who wish to have a good foundation for drawing too. You could join in Small Group Sessions or if you prefer One-on-one session (Tuesday 10am-12pm / Thursday 3pm-5pm). For any other time slot, please arrange with the artist Jimmy Quek at his email address or facebook messager. You could view the participants' works at www.pabha.com/ArtClass/Page18.htm and the links provided there. If any of you have any question you are welcomed to contact Jimmy.



Hi all, I publish art posts and videos on my Patreon account almost every working day, if you like to see them and wish to receive feed whenever I publish a post, please consider becoming a Patron at my Patreon account. www.patreon.com/artpabha Looking forward to seeing you there.

I give art lessons to people, to share with them the art of “seeing” and “recording” so they can practise drawing and painting independently. When people know how to draw, people could draw something in a more realistic way, or a more expressive way, or more abstract way. People have the freedom to do it, be it objectively or subjectively, rationally or emotionally, according to people’s intent, ability and skill. I cherish and respect whatever way people decide. All are welcome to join my art session. Visit my art class/drawing & painting lessons website at www.pabha.com/ArtClass You can book your lessons online www.pabha.com/ArtClass/Page6.htm More about Jimmy Quek at www.pabha.com

The above works are by the participants they are Lin Ho, Alicia, Janivfer Lim, Michelle Yong, Kate, Bianca and Hanna.

I have been making 3D sculptural Huat Kueh for more than a decade already. Each piece is handmade and hand painted by me. At the very beginning, I made for my self. Then I made for close friends, then for all people. People contact me if they wish to buy them. They can collect them at my place in Tampines or I can send them via SingPost to their address. Do Feel free to contact me on the Facebook Page for Huat Kuek (prosperity cakes) at  https://www.facebook.com/ProsperityCake/ you can message me there for enquiry.  I am happy that people love them and treasure them as well.

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