Do you wish to make "Collage" with me on 9 February from 3.30 pm to 5.30 pm? This is a one-session workshop. Contact me or Siew Hooi to reserve your seat by 5 February 3 pm. Fees: $90. Materials provided. During the art workshop, Jimmy will show you how to incorporate a variety of materials, such as paper, cloth, objects found on a surface and incorporate them into a painting or composition. The next workshop will be on 23 February from 3.30 pm to 5.30 pm and to reserve your seat by 20 February 3 pm.

Very often, I make studies or quick sketches on found paper to record a thought or something I like to record it down, so to keep it for future reference or for testing a composition. Yesterday, I go through a folder and I found this painting which I have done in 2012. Though it may not be a wonderful painting, however, I still decided to publish this work online and to give it away or better to sell it to anyone who wishes to keep this painting on best offer basis. This offer will expire on 29 Feb 2020. Please feel free to let me know if you wish to keep this painting. You may email me your offer to my email address "" or message me via Facebook Messenger about your intention, and I shall be pleased to reply you and I shall be delighted to send this painting to your address. The size of this work is 7.5 x 5.5 inches, watercolour on paper.

Commonly Asked Questions

People use to ask this question when they want to learn painting. They know they can't draw well. So they asked: Do I need to learn drawing before painting?

Traditionally, if you wish to be trained as an artist, you may spend sometimes to draw before you paint.

You practise drawing, a lot of drawings, and master perspective, proportion, tones and many more before you deal with colours.

However, for those who just like to have fun with colours and painting, it is fine to jump straight into painting and do what you can and gradually learn drawing whenever it is needed.

We have a painting workshop for people who just like to discover the joy of art-making.

Visit our website: for more about our ongoing art sessions, or visit 1-Day/ 2 Day Workshop for Discover the joy of painting 1-Day/2 Day workshop information.

You are welcome to join our art sessions.

The best time to join Patreon is at the beginning of the month because you will view all art posts at in the month until the next due date on 1st day of next month. Sign in with your FB account and select a membership to support my works at Patreon. Get inspired and make a goal with art and mindfulness practise now!

"Jimmy Quek began learning art in 1971 and has been practising art full time since 1986. He has held 11 one-man art exhibitions and participated in more than 80 group art exhibitions in Yokohama, Kobe, Sapporo, Rotterdam, New York, Washington DC, Indianapolis, Dallas, Los Angeles, Honolulu, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Bangladesh, Beijing, Quanzhou, Shanghai, Korea, Fukuoka, Osaka, Thailand, Vietnam, Brunei Darussalam, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. He signs his painting "Prabhakara" which in Sanskrit means "source of light".

He was the winner of First Prize IBM Art Award Singapore in 1988. He was awarded Merit Award and Highly Commended Work in IBM Singapore Art Award 1988 and 1987, Certificates of Commendation in Painting of the Year Exhibition in 1983 and 1986. He was awarded Third Prize in National Art Competition, Western Painting Open Section in 1974. He has judged several local and regional art competitions. He has served as External Assessor for Diploma in Visual Art Assessments for 2-D Studies in the School of Fine Art, LaSalle-SIA College of the Arts. He was a member of the Course Accreditation Committee for Department of 2D and 3D Studies of LaSalle- SIA College of the Arts, Singapore. His paintings adorn major areas of corporations, institutions, ministries, convention centre, airline lounges, banks, hospitals, offices and homes of art lovers and art collectors worldwide. His works are in the permanent collection of Singapore Art Museum.

He was requested to conduct Sketching/Drawing (Elementary/ Intermediate/ Advanced levels) and acrylic painting courses at Federation of Art Societies, Singapore when it was located at Church Street in the early 90s. He conducted painting workshops for teachers at Metta School in 2003 and taught art at Siglap Community Centre and Mountbatten Community Centre in the 80s.

Jimmy commits to making himself available for those who require artistic assistance and visual art consultation. He shares his skills and experiences in the field of visual art with those who wish to learn painting or basic sketching/drawing from him in Singapore since 2009. "

1. Acrylic Painting for Beginner

For beginners as well as those with some experienceYou will learn to paint with acrylic medium, and learn to use art materials effectively and techniques to mix colours. You will be guided in using various methods to achieve different visual effects.Besides practical exercises to investigate colours, lines, shapes, form, volume, light, texture, you will learn to develop skills to paint and to complete your painting and in doing so, discover the freedom and ease of painting with this versatile fine art medium - Acrylic.Finally you will get to enjoy the freedom of expression in creating your original acrylic paintings either by direct observation, studies made from photos and visual references or visual impression through your own experiences, feelings and thoughts, ideas, dreams and imagination.

2. Painting for Improver

For those who have some experience, but keen to improve themselves furtherFor those who wish to develop their problem solving and decision-making skills related to visual perception and visual realization such that further progress in painting, technical and conceptual skill can be made.Thus, further develop one's ability to reflect upon one's work, to improve and to communicate one's formal and conceptual intentions into a piece of work and further artistic development.

3. Painting with Artist

For those who are seeking painting as a recreational activitySuitable for ex-participants of our programmes and those who wish to have fine art drawing or painting sessions or experiment alternative artistic traditions at any level during the available session.You may explore further on either representational or non-representational painting, like still life, landscapes, floral, portraits, abstract painting or creative painting for fun. You may use a variety of medium either watercolour, acrylic or oil medium for exploration, creativity and innovation with a broader context of contemporary visual culture.

4. Basic Sketching / Drawing

Drawing has been the very foundation of all art. Accurate drawing is the basis of all representational art. You will learn how to "see" and "record" what you see, using pencils on paper for your drawing. You will do sketching and drawing using a direct observation method on still-life. Practical exercises include drawing shapes, drawing in line and tone, relationships between subjects, perspective and proportion.These lessons are helpful for those without any experience at all and plan to take up fine art painting lessons in future and for those who wish to improve their painting skills by first strengthening their foundational drawing skills.It is also useful for those who just simply like to learn the skills of sketching and drawing as a method of conveying an idea or feeling in pictorial terms. The skills and techniques acquired here will change your awareness of visual aesthetics for the rest of your life.

5. Others

You may like to consider joining 1-Day/2 Day Workshop to make an abstract painting on MDF so to discover the joy of painting. You may like to discover how to paint orchids or other subjects with watercolour or you may like to learn colouring techniques with colour pencils so to start enjoying colouring works with colour pencils. You may wish your children (Age 7 to 10, 11 to 16) to have art training with the artist, so to improve and develop their drawing and painting skills and abilities in critical thinking, creating thinking, problem-solving and practical thinking via art. Please feel free to contact us to let us know how you would like us to assist you.

Are you looking for a place to learn the basic skill for drawing and painting? You could go to Pabha Studio ongoing art sessions. It is a place for people who need assistance and guidance for drawing and painting. Visit for more information. Join the art sessions and start the art journey with Singapore Artist Prabhakara Jimmy Quek. Jimmy has learned and practised art for more than 46 years. He has been sharing the skills in the field of visual art in the last 10 years as well.

Come across this about Quality of Life, ways to improve it with art.

7 Ways Art Improves Quality of Life

1. Admiring Great Artwork Feels Like Falling In Love
2. Art-Making Is a Form of Healing and Therapy
3. Surrounding Yourself with Things You Love Brings Happiness
4. Learn what Pleases You the Most and Be Happier
5. Art Has a Feel-Good Power on the Brain
6. Our Sensitivity to the Fine Arts Evolves Throughout Our Life
7. Art Is a Deep and Very Personal Experience

Join my art session or painting workshop to enjoy the benefits of art and improve quality of

You will paint any of the above paintings

Saturday 3 pm - 5 pm / Sunday 4 pm - 5 pm

Art materials are provided
Medium: Acrylic on MDF. 
Size: 100 x 100 x 6 mm

You will bring home your own painted work with a small easel

The workshop is conducted by Jimmy Quek
 & Siew Hooi

$90 per person per workshop
$160 for 2-persons booking
$160 for 2-workshop booking
$310 for 2-persons for 2-workshop booking

WhatsApp us to book your slot: 81876989

I have been living with art in Singapore since 1986. If you like to view or buy my paintings, please visit

I have just posted the above three paintings on the Paintings For Sale website at

Artist Prabhakara Jimmy Quek

24 pages with 60 artworks images in this new art book of Prabhakara Jimmy Quek and Siew Hooi. Available for purchase at

New paintings includes digital painting, watercolour painting and acrylic painting, and 3D works Huat Kueh (Prosperity cake) and pendants.

For buying of artworks contact Jimmy at