Many people may have been thinking that they wish to make a painting, and they may have been thinking it for a long time, but nothing has happened. What these people need to do is to take action and to commit to doing something every day to achieve that wish that to make a painting. I can help you to bring you closer to your wish. I have drawing and painting lessons at my home studio at Tampines, either one-on-one or small group session. You are welcomed to join me so to do drawing and painting if you wish. I have helped many people to make their dreams’ come true, and they have started painting. They have started enjoying art and art making. Visit my website for Art Class and you could register online at now!




New painting workshop for Writing Painting. You could join me for painting sessions that using calligraphy, typography, writing style, your own ways of writing for your painting. To join, please register at, select “Other” and type “Writing Painting” under the heading “Register For” and continue to book your lessons.


“Painting manifest the expressive and conceptual intention of the practitioner.”

“Painting can be naturalistic and representational as in a still life or landscape painting.”

“Painting can be photographic, abstract, be loaded with narrative content, symbolism, emotion or be political in nature.”

I have joined Patreon to share my works at People could be a patron and access my posts, photos, and videos which I do not post elsewhere.  It is a membership type of platform where patron and creator build their relationship of sharing and supporting. From 2018 onward I shall use this Patreon page more for my posts. I believe that creator and patrons can do something together on this platform. I like to invite you to join me at 

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