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Orchid Paintings.

Orchid Paintings. Original paintings created by Singapore artist Prabhakara Jimmy Quek. His works are in the permanent art collection of Singapore Art Museum, Ministries and Corporations collection. These orchid paintings are ideal gifts for appreciation events, conference and convention. Unique and artistic works for corporate gifts and private collection. They are available for sale online.

I am happy to be able to share with people my work online.

My Early Works – An Online Exhibition, this online exhibition project has been online for more than 30 days already and I have shown many works there.

You could see some paintings that I did in the 70s these few days, that was the time when I started learning art, Chinese painting.

When we are able to express what we wish to express that is a blessing. We enjoy the freedom of expression and enjoy the act of expressing. Making art is one of the ways that we can enjoy the pure joy of expressing. The time that we spend for art making is a wonderful moment for our being. It can be fun too. We could learn more techniques and hone our skills each time we practise art making. We could sharpen our mind and faculities too. For beginners, to join art exhibition and to show their works to more people could be a delightful experience. It could be a reward for them when their paintings were sold. So if we could spend sometimes for art practising is a nice thing to do in life. We could practise accordingly to our time availability. Half hour to one hour or more everyday is fine. Besides, we still live our normal life outside the world of art. We do our job and earn our living accordingly. We take care of our family. So you still by you as before. You just adjust your times by giving half hour or more for art. So why not give it a try? Visit my Create Something Every Day-100 days art project at:  Hope that could inspire you. Share with you a few paintings here. Day 77 Holy Light II 78 Pendant 151028A (449x800) 76 Painting by Prabhakara Jimmy Quek. celebrations Above works by Jimmy Quek, Vivien Lee and Siew Hooi. If you wish to learn how to draw or how to paint in Singapore, I would be pleased to help you. Visit website at for that.

I have painted many orchid paintings recently, and have created a website for selling orchid paintings online, so people can buy my orchid painting online, I mail painting worldwide. At the beginning, Here are a few of them for your reference. For more orchid painting, the website for that is  If you like to collect one of my painting, please feel free to visit this website. Thank you. By the way, I also teach people how to paint orchids, the website for this how to paint orchid painting is at You will learn how to paint painting of orchids with watercolor medium. Hope you enjoy my orchids.

Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre is a wonderful place for art fair or events. I saw a Singapore Art 97 cataloge, in that it recorded that National Arts Council and National Heritage Board organized Singapore Art 97 at Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre, a biennial national art exhibition that showcases the works of our talented Singapore artists, we could see the rich variety of more than 550 works of art by more than 330 Singapore artists. That was not chiefly concerned with commerce or populist sentiments. I enjoy looking at the paintings images printed in it. Just feel like missing this kind of art events in Singapore again.

Come back to the present. There will be a dialogue session called Advocating the Arts : Who Cares? organized by NAC with the arts community on 26 Aug at Victoria Concert Hall. A Singapore Art Fair in November at Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre, and of course many more art activities in SIngapore.

Anyway, share with you a few of my recent paintings. Hope you like them.

Recent painting by Jimmy Quek Prabhakara

Recent painting by Prabhakara Jimmy Quek (1024x823)

recent painting, Prabhakara Jimmy Quek. Singapore artists paintings (1024x1023)

I started this painting by doing demonstration on using knife to apply paints on the canvas and then I decided to complete it. I have of course worked on it a few times so to get a final visual effects that I wanted. Share with you the painting and hope you like it.


This is an ancient word of  乐 that mean happy or happiness. This calligraphy is done by me. I learn calligraphy when I was young. Below a few paintings that I have incorporated calligraphy in them. Hope you enjoy them.



Sharing with you my painting below and hope you enjoy my works.


Also, a year end reminder: schedule for 2014 art classes (art lessons) for all are done. We have Saturday morning and afternoon sessions, Sunday sessions and week day sessions for small group sessions and Tuesday, Thursday and Friday for One-on-one session. For more information, please visit website:

Also, for those who like to know more about the Singapore Biennale 2013, do remember to visit the Singapore Biennale before the closing date on 14 Feb 2014.

When we are able to draw anything we see or we think, we can add some colors on what we drawn. We can add watercolor or acrylic paint for that. If you like to learn how to draw or how to paint, you can participate in my painting or drawing sessions, more information at You can see some of the participants’ works at and the links there. I have recently painted these watercolor paintings to show the participants. Hope you also enjoy these works.

Vast Land 2. 2013. Watercolor on paper. 22 x 15 cm.

Vast Land. 2013 Watercolor on paper. 22 x 15 cm.

Vast Land and SKy. 2013. Watercolor on paper 29.5 x 23.5 cm

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