I feel happy to teach drawing and painting. I have documented participants’ works online. The number of works that have documented has exceeded 2,000 already, it does not include those who do not wish their works to be shared. I have helped many people and enjoy seeing them grow and transform in their artistic journey.  http://pabha.com/ParticipantsWorks1

Above works by Meng Jun, Marilyn, Valerie, Ethan, Vivien and Maria.

Today is 66th day for 100 Day Art Practice Challenge. Share with you some paintings that published on the website. http://pabha.com/100DayArtPracticeJimmyQuek

I have taught some participants how to do watercolor paintings and I have painted some small orchid watercolor paintings for sale. Please visit the Orchid Painting Gallery http://pabha.com/OrchidPaintingGallery to view my orchid paintings, they are for sale. Share with you a few orchid paintings here. These orchid paintings are ideal gifts for your loved ones and for corporate gifts and corporate event, and personal collection as well.


Painting lessons for adults in Singapore are available. You could have more information at http://pabha.com/ArtClass regarding painting lessons.

Orchid Paintings.

Orchid Paintings. Original paintings created by Singapore artist Prabhakara Jimmy Quek. His works are in the permanent art collection of Singapore Art Museum, Ministries and Corporations collection. These orchid paintings are ideal gifts for appreciation events, conference and convention. Unique and artistic works for corporate gifts and private collection. They are available for sale online. http://pabha.com/OrchidPaintingGallery

A friend suggested me for this 100 day art practice challenge recently and I supported the idea for that. It will be started from 12 December 2016. The last day will be on 21 March 2017. This time we have 4 artists for this project. The official website is at http://pabha.com/100DayArtPractice and the Facebook Page is http://www.facebook.com/100DayArtPractice  The aim for this project is to encourage daily art practice and for improvement in art journey.

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