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Learn how to draw and how to paint from Singapore artist Prabhakara Jimmy Quek. Art classes conducted by Jimmy at his home studio at Tampines, Singapore. All are welcome to join this ongoing art learning and sharing session. Online booking or email Jimmy to join. More information about the art course, time schedule and fees at for register website at Visit Jimmy's facebook at and Jimmy's official website at

Huat Kueh for Chinese New Year and for company gift and personal collection. Huat Kueh is Fa Gao in Chinese Mandarin. Huat Kueh is Hokkian dialect and Teochew dialect. Below a photo of home cook Huat Kueh and two photos of sculptural works inspired from the Huat Kueh. Jimmy Quek is a Singapore artist, who has created beautiful 3D sculptural Huat Kueh for people in Singapore. People like to display the golden Huat Kueh in their office or at home. Artistic Huat Kueh is also ideal for corporate gift and gift for business associates. Many people has huat kueh sculpture as personal collection also. More information about Jimmy's Huat Kueh at

Below two Huat Kueh are also 3D artworks created by Jimmy Quek. The last one was made and painted more than ten years ago. If viewers are interested to order any Huat Kueh, you are welcome to contact Jimmy Quek , Singapore artist. Visit for contact.

I commit to being available for those who require artistic assistance and consultation. I share my skills and experience in the field of visual art with those who wish to learn painting or basic sketching/drawing from me at my home studio in Tampines since 2009.

More than 270 people from all walks of life and nationalities have benefited from this ongoing art programme. This year marks the 10th anniversary for this continuous effort.

One of this year's programs is to create a website that will share the selected artworks of those who have learnt and practised art with me from 2009 to 2019. The website will be published online on 20 November 2019 to commemorate the 10th Anniversary.

All ex-participants and current participants of my art sessions are invited to submit 1 to 5 images of their artworks, together with writing about their artistic journey (optional) or feedback to my email address at by 30 September 2019 for inclusion in the website design.

If you are interested to join my art sessions, you are welcome to join my ongoing art sessions, visit art class website for more information and you could book your sessions online or email/ message (FB) me for that.

2019 marks the 46th years of the art journey Jimmy Quek has travelled. There is an online exhibition titled "A Retrospective Exhibition - 46 years of art making" for all to view. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested to collect any of his artworks.


Anyone who is interested to do painting or drawing at any level can contact me at or register online to book for the art lessons; art class for drawing and painting lesson are conducted either in a small group or one-on-one with the artist.

Acrylic Painting for Beginner

For beginners as well as those with some experience

You will learn to paint with acrylic medium, and learn to use art materials effectively and techniques to mix colors. You will be guided in using various methods to achieve different visual effects.

Besides practical exercises to investigate colors, lines, shapes, form, volume, light, texture, you will learn to develop skills to paint and to complete your painting and in doing so, discover the freedom and ease of painting with this versatile fine art medium - Acrylic.

Finally get to enjoy the freedom of expression in creating your original acrylic paintings either by direct observation, studies made from photos and visual references or visual impression through your own experiences, feelings and thoughts, ideas, dreams and imagination. Read more

Basic Sketching / Drawing 

Drawing has been the very foundation of all art. Accurate drawing is the basis of all representational art. You will learn how to "see" and "record" what you see, using pencils on paper for your drawing. You will do sketching and drawing using a direct observation method on still-life. Practical exercises include drawing shapes, drawing in line and tone, relationships between subjects, perspective and proportion.

These lessons are helpful for those without any experience at all and plan to take up fine art painting lessons in future and for those who wish to improve their painting skills by first strengthening their foundational drawing skills.

It is also useful for those who just simply like to learn the skills of sketching and drawing as a method of conveying an idea or feeling in pictorial terms. The skills and techniques acquired here will change your awareness of visual aesthetics for the rest of your life. Read more

Online booking at

More information about the art class, please visit art class website at