A friend suggested me for this 100 day art practice challenge recently and I supported the idea for that. It will be started from 12 December 2016. The last day will be on 21 March 2017. This time we have 4 artists for this project. The official website is at http://pabha.com/100DayArtPractice and the Facebook Page is http://www.facebook.com/100DayArtPractice  The aim for this project is to encourage daily art practice and for improvement in art journey.

Artists can have their arts display online everyday, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Viewers can communicate with artists or their managers online  directly. They arrange viewing of art works with appointment.

Buyers buy and pay for their purchase using online payment system either by fund transfer or credit card /PayPal payment. Painting can be send by post, or collect from the artist.

The whole buying pattern has been changed. Thanks to Internet and new medium.

View my website at online and at your convenience at http://pabha.com

Generally we use Catridge paper for drawing, either with pencil or pen. We use watercolor paper for watercolor washes, there are various thickness and texture surface for watercolor.

Some participants of my art sessions like to do portraiture so they wish I could guide them for that. I am pleased to assist them of course when they have the interest and they are keen to achieve what they wished for. So I have helped many of them. I have just completed a web-page that showing their portraiture artworks. Here is the URL http://pabha.com/ArtClass/Portraits.htm

Hope you like this page and if you are keen to learn drawing or painting, here is the website for art class for your reference and action: http://pabha.com/ArtClass




I am most happy to see participants that they practise, progress and transform in their artistic journey that they have drawing and painting sessions with me.

Awhile ago, one participant suggested to me that I make a website page with the “Before” and “After” of participant’s works so to show the progress and development in his artistic practise. I agreed with that suggestion. So here it is, an example of participant Tan Meng Jun’s works. You can see his first watercolor painting (top left) to his most recent painting (bottom one).

There are rooms for improvement, nonetheless here shows that one has made much progress and transformation in the practise.

I have assisted many beginners and experienced participants for their learning and practising of drawing and painting through the art learning and sharing programmes. I am pleased to see them progress and transform in their artistic journey. Their works are documented and shared online. You could view them at: http://pabha.com/FeaturedArtistsGallery/

Participants' Works Gallery 1, 2, 34, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 1415, 16, 1718, 19, 20, 21

Featured Artworks

Recently the website site for art classes and painting lessons has been updated. For more information about my art lessons either for drawing or painting, please visit the website at: http://pabha.com/ArtClass

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