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I give art lessons to people, to share with them the art of “seeing” and “recording” so they can practise drawing and painting independently. When people know how to draw, people could draw something in a more realistic way, or a more expressive way, or more abstract way. People have the freedom to do it, be it objectively or subjectively, rationally or emotionally, according to people’s intent, ability and skill. I cherish and respect whatever way people decide. All are welcome to join my art session. Visit my art class/drawing & painting lessons website at You can book your lessons online More about Jimmy Quek at

The above works are by the participants they are Lin Ho, Alicia, Janivfer Lim, Michelle Yong, Kate, Bianca and Hanna.

I have been making 3D sculptural Huat Kueh for more than a decade already. Each piece is handmade and hand painted by me. At the very beginning, I made for my self. Then I made for close friends, then for all people. People contact me if they wish to buy them. They can collect them at my place in Tampines or I can send them via SingPost to their address. Do Feel free to contact me on the Facebook Page for Huat Kuek (prosperity cakes) at you can message me there for enquiry.  I am happy that people love them and treasure them as well.

Art CardsFor a Lasting Impression

Multipurpose Art Cards,  Christmas CardsSeason’s Greetings CardsTeacher’s Day CardsBirthday CardsVesak Day CardsThank You CardsCongratulations Art CardsChinese New Year CardsNumbered and Signed ACEO Cards, and Signed Art Cards. Every card is printed with an imagery of original painting created by Prabhakara Jimmy Quek. Blank page inside for you to write your own message. Each card is complete with an envelope for your use.

Speical One Session Colouring Workshop “Painting the Art Card”

At the artist’s home studio. Tampines St 22. Date and Time: Saturday 11 August afternoon 3pm-5pm.

Art cards and painting materials like watercolours and brushes are provided plus tea and snacks. Also, each participant will receive a 3D art, handmade Huat Kueh (approximately 2.5 x 2.5 x 2 cm) for the commemoration of our 26th Wedding anniversary.

This special one-time workshop fee is $65 per person. 5 slots available. A register is needed.

We shall be using watercolour and watercolour pencils for this project.

If you are interested to join this workshop, please message me or Siew Hooi by 10 August at 9 pm to book a slot. Thank you.

PABHA CREATION has selected some paintings for sale and the paintings are published on the following website for your selection:

The paintings selected for the online sale are affordable pieces of art. They are watercolour on paper and acrylic on paper and acrylic on canvas. We listed here six paintings for your reference. Visit the above website to see more paintings if you are interested in looking for paintings by this Singapore Artist. Jimmy Quek is one of a famous Singapore artist. He has been learning and practising art for the last forty-five years. His paintings are in the corporation collection, Singapore Art Museum and private collections.

It is useful to learn how to draw, how to see and to record what we see. Many objects around us are good subjects for beginners to draw and paint. Once you have learnt how to see and how to record the objects on a surface, you can then experiment with different techniques and media. You can even further explore the world of imagination and work with intuition.

 Image Image Image Image

You can do it if you want to learn it and you take action in art making. One who has regular and continuing practice will certainly produce better results in one's artwork, be it representational or non-representational art.

It is fun and useful to learn sketching and painting and to continue learning and practising them regularly.

I have art lessons for beginners and those with some experience, you are welcome to join the art lessons at my art studio at Tampines, Singapore. Slots are available for weekdays and weekends. Visit the current time schedule at 

I'll be happy to assist you along your artistic journey.

You will build-up your self-confidence and attain a sense of achievement through art. You will enjoy art-making and appreciate art in life.

Art classes with Singapore artist Prabhakara Jimmy Quek at the artist's studio

Anyone who is interested to do painting or drawing at any level can register online to book for the art lessons; art class for drawing and painting lesson are conducted either in a small group or one-on-one with the artist.

(Photo: Small group session at Artist's home studio.)    

Courses Acrylic Painting 

For beginners as well as those with some experience

You will learn to paint with acrylic medium, and learn to use art materials effectively and techniques to mix colors. You will be guided in using various methods to achieve different visual effects.

Besides practical exercises to investigate colors, lines, shapes, form, volume, light, texture, you will learn to develop skills to paint and to complete your painting and in doing so, discover the freedom and ease of painting with this versatile fine art medium - Acrylic.

Finally get to enjoy the freedom of expression in creating your original acrylic paintings either by direct observation, studies made from photos and visual references or visual impression through your own experiences, feelings and thoughts, ideas, dreams and imagination.

Basic Sketching / Drawing  Drawing has been the very foundation of all art. Accurate drawing is the basis of all representational art. You will learn how to "see" and "record" what you see, using pencils on paper for your drawing. You will do sketching and drawing using direct observation method on still-life. Practical exercises include drawing shapes, drawing in line and tone, relationships between subjects, perspective and proportion. These lessons are helpful for those without any experience at all and plan to take up fine art painting lessons in future and for those who wish to improve their painting skills by first strengthening their foundational drawing skills. It is also useful for those who just simply like to learn the skills of sketching and drawing as a method of conveying an idea or feeling in pictorial terms. The skills and techniques acquired here will change your awareness of visual aesthetics for the rest of your life.  More information about art courses at

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