Share a photo book of Prabhakara Jimmy Quek’s paintings with you. These paintings are acquired by the Singapore Art Museum, institutions, corporations, and individuals.

We have made some pendants that are rarely displayed publicly. They are unique and some of them are available for sale. If you want to view them, you are welcome to contact me. We consider them to be ideal gifts and personal art collections. Email: for viewing and enquiry.

Suddenly I realized that I have an art "exhibition" every day. When you walk into my house, you can see more than 50 "exhibits" and more artworks. Here are some photos of the paintings on display. If you want to see my artwork in person, please contact me for this and I will be very happy to show you around.

If you are interested to know more about ACEO cards and how to make them. I will be having a workshop on 25 July 3pm-5pm at my studio for this topic. You will be learn making a few ACEO in the workshop and you will come to try some art making techniques and to learn about what materials to buy... email me or WhatsApp 81876989 to register your slot. $80 per person, payment via PayNow.

I am delighted to share with you this artbook of recent works.

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I engage in art creation and art-related activities every day, and I also show and share the arts, so that those who like art can collect them. I think creating art is a positive form of meditation, which can cultivate truth, goodness, beauty, concentration, diligence, mindfulness, consciousness, and wisdom. When I have time, I learn other things, including how to display it on the web and others. I have ongoing art sessions, that I offer assistance to people who need help during their art journey. I do some simple exercises, like yoga and cycling to maintain basic health requirements. There are rooms for improvement in many areas and I will do my best. Hope you like my efforts. If you have any positive suggestions, please send me a private message. I thank you very much.

Drawing can help improve creative skills and thinking. It helps to develop concentration and attention, which is useful for everyone. One can have a sense of accomplishment and be proud of their art. In life, this is a very useful thing. Other benefits of drawing are happiness, rest and relaxation. Today I share these sketches with you, it helps me to communicate without using words and it has the power to remind me of my stay in Sg Siput, Malaysia in 2000.

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I have been sorting and organizing my artwork collection since beginning of 2021 until today and 77 days have passed. I have posted the artwork collection at website I also decluttered and arranged other things. Yesterday, I found a book that I bought in the 70s. The book is about the history of seal carving. I discovered a few prints of seals I made in the 70s were kept in the book. I have totally forgotten about these seals. I am happy to see them and they bring back some memories. That time I was 18, I determined to make one hundred seal carvings before I would stop doing seal carving. Here, I share with you the photo of the book and the photo of the prints of the seals that I have kept in the book.

If you would like to view more of Prabhakara Jimmy Quek's art, go to Artwork Collection at it is a good digital documentation of artwork created and kept by the artist himself. Artwork collection from 1973 to the present. The website is for those who want to learn more about Prabhakara Jimmy Quek’s artworks and for art lovers and people who are interested in buying or collecting the artist’s works. It is not suitable for busy and casual visitors because it contains a large number of images and It may take some time to view them. The website does not include artworks sold and collected by others, museums, government departments, companies and private art lovers.

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